Try a Wonky bread box for £3.99! (Review & discount code)

Calling all bread fans!

You may be familiar with wonky veg boxes… but have you heard of wonky bread boxes?

I’m always looking for ways to save money and reduce my grocery bill, so when I came across the world’s first wonky bread box subscription by Earth and Wheat, I placed my order immediately.

I have an excellent code if you are looking to try too, meaning your first box will be just £3.99!

wonky bread box

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What are wonky boxes?

If you aren’t familiar with wonky food boxes, they are a method of selling off misshapen or ‘wonky’ produce. This produce does not meet the supermarket standards aesthetically, for a reduced price. There are no issues with the quality of the items. They are simply a little unusual shaped, too large, or there may be a surplus of certain items.

These ‘odd’ items are saved from heading straight to landfill sites and popped into a box to be delivered straight to customers’ doors. A win for reducing food waste, and a win for frugal households looking to rescue some yummy produce at an affordable price.

I’m a big fan of Oddbox and have been ordering their delicious boxes filled to the brim of veg for almost one year now. So when I stumbled across this bread-based version, I was pretty certain I would be onto a winner.

I’ve written up a review of my first ever Earth and Wheat wonky bread subscription box, so you can have a peek inside before you buy…

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The Wonky Bread Box review

Price and Delivery

There are two cheaper options for Earth and Wheat’s bread boxes; ‘Essentials’ and ‘Variety’.

An Essentials box costs £7.99 and includes 2-3kg of fresh products, typically made up of between 3-5 packets of bread products. In this box you are likely to receive items such as fresh crumpets, tortilla wraps, and pittas.

A Variety box costs £8.99, with each box including a wider range of items including various types of naans, flatbreads, pancakes, and more.

Living in a two-person household, I opted for the Essentials box to arrive biweekly, but you can amend how regularly you would like to receive your boxes. The parcels are delivered to your chosen address for free, too.

There are also a range of artisan bread boxes to choose from, including a BBQ theme box, and a fancy loaf box.


The items you can receive can vary from box to box. These are the items I received in my latest regular bread box, to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • 8 x white tortilla wraps
  • 8 x wholemeal wraps
  • 14 x wholemeal pitta
  • 9 x crumpets
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Image credit: Saving in London City

In an Essentials box, you can expect to receive relatively similar products each delivery. A Variety box will include a whole range of products, such as focaccias, paninis, buttermilk or lemon pancakes, chilli or spinach tortillas, Masala or BBQ naans, and much more.

The surprise is part of the fun! However, if you prefer to know what you’re getting, the Essentials box might be a better choice.

Allergies& Dietary Requirements

The Essentials box is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Hooray! The Variety box is not suitable for vegans, due to the range of products and ingredients used. It is vegetarian-friendly, though!

There are also plant-based artisan bread boxes up for grabs now, too.

The ingredients for all items can be found on the Earth and Wheat ingredients page. Allergens are also marked on the packaging of individual items.

New customer offers – Get £3 off your first Earth and Wheat box

Earth and Wheat are currently running a referral scheme where you can invite friends and family to join and gain £3 off their first order, and you will receive £2 off your next order too! Here’s my referral link to get £3 credit off your first box, and you can then share your code for further credit.

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Wonky Bread Box FAQ’s

Can I cancel boxes if I won’t be around?

Yes! You can amend your subscription or pause your next shipment if you need a break.

Can I request certain items in my box, or ask for certain items not to be included?

Unfortunately, customers cannot opt-out of receiving certain items; the boxes are packed at random, and the contents are a surprise.

What other wonky boxes do Earth and Wheat sell?

You can choose from bread boxes, and mixed bread and veg boxes. There are also plant based boxes for vegan customers.

Final thoughts: Try a Wonky bread box for £3.99! (Review & discount code)

I absolutely loved receiving my first ever wonky bread box! The variety keeps it interesting, and being able to freeze the items is perfect for me. We have munched our way through loads of our items so far this week, and not one crumb has gone to waste.

As well as being impressed with the contents of the bread delivery box, the ethos of Earth and Wheat is fantastic too. For every wonky box ordered, one meal is donated to UK Food charities.

If you are a fellow fan of baked goods, then it’s definitely worth getting a box to try. If you’ve tried Earth and Wheat, then let me know in the comments!

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