Simply Cook Free Box Recipe Cards

Simply Cook Free Box Code & Review

Simply Cook are currently offering a recipe box for FREE for new customers! Read on to find out more about the box and how to claim yours…

Simply Cook Free Box Recipe Cards

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Simply Cook

Simply Cook is a recipe delivery box service slightly different from the rest. They offer ingredients to make the sauces and spices for you to make new and exciting meals from cuisines across the globe. You can expect to receive pastes, rubs, marinades, garnishes and spice mixes packed with lots of flavour.

Recipes can be selected online, and there are a wide variety of options for all dietary requirements, with over 140 recipes to choose from! I’ve tried GoustoHello Fresh, Green Chef and Nonna Tonda, and I am a fan of recipe boxes generally. So let’s see how Simply Cook compares…

My Simply Cook Review

One of my favourite things about Simply Cook is that the recipes can easily be adapted, depending on your requirements. Prefer to switch out the meat with quorn? Want to use up the veg you’ve got lurking in your fridge? You can! 

Simply Cook boxes provide the spices and sauces to make delicious meals, but you can easily adapt or substitute ingredients depending on your preferences. For me, this is what makes this service stand out from other meal delivery boxes, which can at times feel a little restrictive.

When cooking something new, I usually find myself hunting down 20 different ingredients, half of which I will probably never use again! With Simply Cook, the ingredients list per recipe is usually four to six items, making it easy to pick up during your weekly shop. Many of the recipes use cupboard staples too, like canned tomatoes and coconut milk, so I often find I only need to shop for one or two items per meal.

The recipe kits are made up of three pots of ingredients, packaged into a slim box which fits through your letterbox, so no need to wait in for delivery.

Simply Cook Free Box Meal Examples and Review

The final reason I think Simply Cook might be the superior meal delivery box, is that the contents have long use by dates. Sometimes I have felt the rush to use up delivery box ingredients before they start going bad, and it doesn’t allow for too much spontaneity in your meal planning. Simply Cook boxes keep in your cupboard for months until you need them to whip up a quick dish.

Overall, I have found the meals to be easy to cook, whilst also being flexible enough to slot into my schedule. It’s a thumbs up from me!

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How to claim your free Simply Cook box

The Simply cook website offers trial boxes for £3, but I have an even better deal for you!

Try your first Simply Cook box for FREE!

On top of this, you can refer friends and family for additional free boxes too. One referral = one free box for you to enjoy. Amazing!

Click here to claim your first box, and try for yourself. (Remember that this is a subscription, so you will have the option to pause or cancel once you have received your first box, if needed).

Final Thoughts: Simply Cook Free Box Code & Review

I’ve been making Simply Cook meals for over 5 years now and have always been pleased. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal, and there are always new recipes being added

It’s always handy to keep a box handy, and with the ingredients being mostly cupboard staples, you can whip up a tasty meal really easily. I also enjoy cooking new recipes, so this is a winner for me.

4 meals for free is fantastic value in my opinion!

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