Side Hustle Ideas that Just Hit Right

If you’re looking to add some extra money, then you need to think about which ideas would work for you as a side hustle. By their very definition, the side hustle is something you do alongside your day job. So that means you need to be able to find at least 10 to 15 hours a week around your day job to be able to put time into your side hustle.

Some people, especially teachers, who are looking to fill the gap that their current management is not filling, look to sell learning centers. Chefs and pastry makers may choose to sell cakes or cookies on their side. Regardless of what you do in your day job, your side hustle doesn’t necessarily have to relate to it. It’s important to start something lucrative though, because if you’re going to park all of this time into something new then it has to be worth it in the end. Let’s take a look at some side hustle ideas that just hit right. 

Image source: Pexels

  1. Become a tutor. We’ve already mentioned being able to sell learning centers, but along with your resources, you could become a tutor yourself.If you are strong in a particular academic subject, you should consider opening a tutoring side business, because you can guarantee that you’ll be able to earn a decent income mostly in the evenings and around your day job, and help others to be better at theirs. Within the first month you can start earning money and you can earn anywhere from $10 to $75.00 an hour, depending on how advanced you are.
  2. Get online with Amazon. Very few of the items that are listed on Amazon are sold by Amazon itself. Most of the time they’re sold by affiliates and by other businesses and 3rd party sellers, and these sellers pay Amazon a fee to list their products. They either then send the products themselves after an order, or they allow the Amazon store to do their inventory, ship it, and even handle the customer service. This is called Amazon FBA. Large platforms like Amazon are a great way to get started if you want to open an online business and you can start earning money relatively quickly. You can earn six or seven figures with Amazon FBA, and it’s one of the highest earning business ideas on the list because it can scale quite fast. 
  3. Teach a skill. You don’t have to just be a tutor to teach. If you are passionate about something and you’re good at it, it can be a great side hustle opportunity, whether it’s art related such as sculpture or trades like woodworking or even pastry making because you’re a chef with a passion for pastry. Teaching a skill to others by hosting night classes is going to help you to earn an extra income. For some things, you could even host online classes to teach a skill to other people and that can still earn you a crust. 

Image source: Pexels

  1. Consult as a freelancer. How long have you been in your current role? How long have you been doing your career? If you’ve learned a skill or a trade in your full time job and you’re willing to learn something new. You could take to freelancing. Consulting in what you do can help others and you’ll be able to really build a side hustle this way. If you’ve been laid off or you just want to supplement your current career, then it’s a great way to do it because as a freelance consultant you can make your own rates and your own hours. Eventually you could get enough referrals to turn it into a full time business. 
  2. Help others with their finances. Is your background in accounting or finance? If so, you can consider offering tax prep services, bookkeeping services, or other financial advisory services to other people. All you have to do is check with your city how much you need to spend on licensing and certification to do so. It takes a couple of months to start earning money, and you can earn anything up to $100 per hour. You can be paid very well for your time, especially if you’re consulting for businesses or helping individuals who are needing some additional advice during tax time.
  3. Become a Blogger. Blogging as a side hustle idea may feel oversaturated, but it really does depend on where your niche is. They say that niches make riches and it is true. There are blogs out there that are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and the topic was swimming pool maintenance. There are other blogs that are running a lot of money, and those topics can be as niche as cooking, but only for pastry. It might take some time to earn some money, but you should expect to earn some significant money in the first couple of years of blogging.
  4. Get on YouTube. YouTube is more of a long term side hustle idea because it’s going to take some time for you to build up an audience and to start earning some money. In the second or third year, you can expect to earn some money if your channel is growing the right way. Whether you do it through ad revenue? Whether you do it with brands, sponsor videos or you become an affiliate for different brands or products, you can earn some cash in several different ways with the help of YouTube. It’s never a 100% passive income because you do need to put in some effort and you might want to think about what scalability means to you, but it can really help you to build on your income that you currently have.

These side hustle ideas are going to hit just right because they can fit in with your everyday life. Changing your world and earning more money may take some extra time, but it’s worth it if it can bring you new cash and more joy.