self care sunday ideas

Self Care Sunday Ideas on a Budget

Need some ideas for your perfect Self Care Sunday? Look no further!

self care sunday ideas

What does Self Care mean to you?

For some, self care might be spending time getting organised, preparing for the week ahead and helping their future selves.

For others, it might be dropping the daily responsibilities and those tasks they feel obliged to do, instead putting a whole day aside to do precisely what they fancy. 

Self care could mean a 6 hour hike in the sunshine, or alternatively planting your butt firmly on the sofa for the entirety of the day to binge a new show!

My personal preference for the perfect self care Sunday is to get a few tasks done in the morning when I’m feeling more productive, and then I can chill for the rest of the day, usually with my nose in a good book.

Make sure you don’t let the Sunday scaries creep in and ruin your day; you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest!

13 Self Care Sunday Ideas on a budget

Whatever your preference, I’ve got plenty of ideas for your dream Sunday that won’t break the bank…

1. Declutter

Sometimes the best way to clear your head is to rearrange your physical space. Tackle one area of your home at a time, and be ruthless! You’ll feel so much better when you have a little more space and are surrounded by less clutter. Stick on some tunes and get it done (set a timer to help keep you motivated)

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2. Clean your space

Similar to decluttering, although cleaning might seem tedious, once it’s done we generally feel happier in our homes. Put on your favourite podcast (this episode with Grace and Jamie Laing made me CACKLE) and give your home a speed clean.

3. Digital declutter

It’s surprising how anxiety inducing your digital spaces can become if they are not well organised. Back up those photos you’ve been talking about before it’s too late! Make space on your phone, copy everything over to a hard drive, delete those spam emails and bin your blurry photos.

As the majority of our most precious videos and photos are kept digitally now, it’s something to keep on top of regularly. Future you will be so grateful you did!

4. Meal Plan and Prep

Sunday mornings are the best for batch cooking.

Pick one of your go to, fail safe recipes (a huge batch of chilli or curry work really well) and increase your ingredients to make multiple portions, which can be stored in the freezer. One or two mornings spent batch cooking meals can save you so much time and money throughout the month.

If you’re making one meal, it doesn’t take much more effort to make four times the amount, just make sure you have enough tupperware! Or freezer bags work well too.

Make the most of freebies like the free simply cook box to save money and change up your meal plan, too.

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5. Pamper Session

Shop your stash, and gather your lotions and potions usually stored away and kept for ‘best’.

Take a long, warm shower, applying every product you have. Make a special effort to do those routines you usually don’t have time for – put on a hair mask, exfoliate from head to toe and soak your feet.

You’re guaranteed to feel amazing after a long pamper!

6. Paint your nails or try some nail art

French tips using a jelly stamper, small flower designs or even blush nails are good options for nail art newbies!

7. Reach for a good book

Reading is one of the best ways to switch off and lose yourself for the afternoon. Turn your phone on silent, reach for a blanket and light some incense to up the hygge vibes.

8. Get cosy

Drag your duvet onto the sofa, or go one step further and create a den from your cushions and throws to create your ultimate comfy viewing spot. Binge your favourite show (or the trashiest reality TV show you can find).

Making a den was one of my favourite activities as a child, and it’s still the best way to watch a film that feels like such a special treat. Plus, it costs nothing!

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9. Make a list for the week ahead

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, get your thoughts down on paper to help clear your head. Write a huge list of everything on your mind, and break it down into categories – to do today, this week, and this month.

Once you can see everything written down, and you’ve made a plan to get some tasks ticked off, you’ll often feel a lot lighter.

10. Make something

Try painting, embroidery, vision boarding, or maybe up-cycle an old vase or piece of furniture. I spent one Sunday afternoon making terrazzo coasters which I loved, and still use every day!

Listen to rain sounds or a crackling fire on youtube whilst you craft to add to the ambience.

11. Yoga

Clear some floor space and try an online yoga class (Yoga with Adriene is one of my favourites!) Even if you’re new to yoga, try a beginners class, focusing on gentle movement or stretching.

12. Make yourself dinner from scratch

Cooking yourself a hearty meal is a great way to treat yourself.  Try your hand at homemade pasta or pizza, using simple recipes.

If you’re less confident in the kitchen, try homemade tomato soup with a chunk of buttered bread (the ultimate comfort food!)

13. Early night

One hour before bed, change your bedding, spray your pillow with a sleep spray and light a candle.  Get into your softest, cosiest pj’s and treat yourself to a scented sleep mask .

Final Thoughts: Self Care Sunday Ideas on a budget

These ideas should help you to create your perfect relaxing Sunday, and most of them are free! Let me know what your ideal self care Sunday looks like.

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