Save Money on Groceries with these Deals

We have all noticed the rapidly rising cost of living over the past year. From energy bills rocketing, to streaming services increasing their prices, we are feeling the squeeze in every aspect of our lives.

Several of these increased costs are sadly out of our control, and we will need to reshuffle our budgets to account for these changes.

Becoming more frugal with our food shopping however is one area where cuts and switches can make a noticeable difference to our budgets. Along with batch cooking, bulk buying and opting for own brand products, there are loads of deals we can take advantage of to reduce our monthly food bill.

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I’ve compiled a list of the best offers and discounts going which could help to dramatically cut the price of your weekly food shop. Whether you want cheap weekday meals or would like to stock up on cupboard essentials, I hope there is at least one offer on this list that can help you save some cash!

Save Money on Groceries with these Deals

Supermarket Cashback Offers

Cashback websites and apps offer good cashback rates for supermarket spends, particularly if you are a new customer. Here are some of the best offers you can take advantage of via Quidco at the moment:

Tesco£6.60 for new customer orders placed for Click and Collect over £25
Asda£7 for new customer orders over £40
Morrisons£6.60 cashback for new customer orders £40 and more
Sainsbury’s£6.60 cashback for new customer orders £40 or over
Iceland£3.3% cashback for new customer purchases
Ocado7.7% cashback for new customer orders of £40 or more (max £10 cashback)
Approved Food£4 cashback for new customer orders
WaitroseUp to £2.69 cashback for new customers

If you are new to Quidco you can also bag an extra £15 for signing up and earning cashback via the link here.

Topcashback offer similar rates for new customers, so are worth a browse too. If you have a supermarket in mind, compare the rates at both Topcashback and Quidco to make sure you are getting the highest cashback rate.

Gousto – Meals for £1.53

By applying a referral code, new customers can bag 8 meals (4 meals x 2 portions) for just £12.25. Gousto offer 60 different meal choices every week so there is something for everyone! Meat and seafood tend to be more expensive in supermarkets than veggie alternatives, so maybe something to keep in mind if you want to get the best possible value for your box. Click here to sign up and get 65% off your first box of recipes!

Quidco also offer up to £15 cashback for new Gousto customers, so it’s worth clicking through when placing an order to try to deal stack. You have nothing to lose by trying!

Green Chef – 3 x 2 meals free

Green Chef are a recipe box service that provide a variety of meal kit plans to cater to different lifestyles, with a focus on healthy choices.

Green Chef are currently running a referral scheme for new customers, which means that if you use a referral code your recipe box will be free! You will need to cover the cost of postage which is £4.99, but for 6 portions (3 meals for 2 people) this is a bargain.

Click here to claim your first box for free.

You can pause or cancel your box at any time, so I recommend setting a reminder so that you can try your first box before making your decision. Subscribers can refer friends and family for additional credit too, to be spent on future recipe boxes.

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Oddbox Discount – £4.49 fruit or veg box

Will I ever stop talking about how great Oddbox is? Probably not.

If you’d like a very affordable box of fruit or veg for just £4.49, as well as helping to fight food waste, then this is offer is for you. The contents of the box are seasonal and change each week, but you do have the choice to opt out of up to three items.

Oddbox is a fun way to expand your horizons and try vegetables you might not necessarily buy yourself too. I recently tried Kohlrabi for the first time thanks to my latest box! Click here for an Oddbox referral code for £10 off your first box!

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Earth and Wheat – £3.99 bread box

Similar to Oddbox, Earth and Wheat sell wonky veg boxes, and also wonky bread boxes! These can include surplus pittas, crumpets, pancakes and more.

Earth and Wheat are currently running a referral scheme where you can invite friends and family to join and gain £3 off their first order, and you will receive £2 off your next order too! Here’s my referral link to get £3 credit off your first box, and you can then share your code for further credit.

Nonna Tonda – 50% off pasta orders

Nonna Tonda was established by a husband and wife duo, James and Rebecca. After a road trip in Italy learning about new and delicious dishes, Nonna Tonda was born in 2020.

The pasta is freshly made, authentic, and the menu changes weekly. The pasta dishes, complete with sauce and garnish, are packed and delivered straight to your door in a box that fits through your letterbox. Magic!

I have a 50% discount code which means your portions could be as little as £2.92. For restaurant quality pasta, that’s pretty reasonable in my opinion! It’s ideal for a special meal at home, feels much fancier than a takeaway, and is notably cheaper too.

Simply Cook – FREE box

This handy little box contains the sauces and spices to make four different meals of your choice. Simply Cook‘s variety of recipes is almost overwhelming, there are so many delicious sounding options!

The ingredients lists for each recipe tend to be very simple compared to recipes typically found in cookbooks, and usually only require total of 4-5 items on average. This helps to keep shopping lists short and meal prices very affordable, but still exciting.

The meals can also be adapted super easily to use up what you already have in. As a veggie household we often swap out ingredients for Quorn, which works really well with Simply Cook recipes. Choose your four free recipes (just pay £1 to cover postage) and your box will be delivered straight through your letterbox.

If you’d like to try a Simply cook box for FREE, use the following link here.

Final thoughts: Save Money on Groceries with these Deals

I hope these offers help to reduce your grocery spend this week! If you’re looking for even more ways to cut your costs this month, you might like to check out these free trials.

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