9 Ways to Save Money on Greetings Cards

Greetings cards are often one of those last minute purchases that you don’t plan for, and end up spending a lot more than you originally wanted to.

When you make a quick purchase at the last minute, the selection is often limited, and the prices can be sky high!

There are lots of ways to save on greetings cards, and many of these involve planning ahead, and buying in preparation of the special day. Depending on how many cards per year you usually purchase, buying ahead of the event could save you a significant amount each month. It will also save unnecessary dashes to the shop, where you end up buying other items on top, too!

If you are looking to spend less, particularly if you are trying to shop more mindfully or are trying a low buy year, here are nine ways you could save money on greetings cards…

Save money on greetings cards

9 Ways to Save Money on Greetings Cards

Buy in Bulk

Take 10 minutes to sit down and write out a list of the occasions you buy for every year, including birthday’s and wedding anniversaries.

Secondly, write down the occasions you know are coming up this year. Graduation ceremonies, baby showers and special birthday’s – add them all on your list.

Lastly, add the occasions you know will arise, even if you don’t have them on the list now. If you have children that attend birthday parties for example, or you have multiple friends who will be moving house, or will be getting engaged soon, pop those on the list.

Now you have an idea of how many cards you will need for an average year.

It’s always cheaper to buy your cards in bulk if you can, instead of buying individually. The Card Factory sell 10 cards for £1 on selected greeting cards for example, which is perfect if you attend lots of birthday parties, or your child wants to send cards to various classmates.

You can also buy multipacks of greetings cards, which often work out significantly cheaper – one individual card can cost the same as a pack of 5 cards! It’s a no brainer, but many of us succumb to dropping into the petrol station for a last minute card. 

It’s always a good idea to buy a pack of blank cards too which can be used for multiple occasions, such as a birthday note, thank you card or a get well soon wish. Cute animal cards are a fail safe bet!

Buy out of season

January is the ideal time to pick up reduced Christmas cards, and you can grab Father’s and Mother’s day cards after the big day for cheap too. As with most seasonal items, the best time to nab a bargain is directly after the season or holiday has passed, so make sure you hunt down the reduced aisle in supermarkets, or head to the bargain section of your card shop for the best hidden gems.

It can sometimes feel counter intuitive to spend money purchasing items when the holiday has only just passed, and can feel like a waste, but as long as you remember where you’ve hidden your item and don’t repurchase again nearer the holiday, you will have saved some cash! 

Buy during sales/ shop closures

Paperchase recently closed many of its stores, and the reductions were huge – up to 70% on greetings cards, as well as wrapping paper, gift bags, and more.

Shop closures are the ideal time to pick up a bargain; again, you will need to think ahead and purchase items ahead of season to put away, but future you will thank you!

Shop for greetings cards in Charity Shops

For those looking to save money on multi-packs of cards, charity shops often sell greetings cards for a reduced price. As well as picking up affordable cards that may have ended up in landfill, you’ve also made a donation to charity, too. A win for all involved!

Make your own cards

If you are a crafty person, you could try making your own greetings cards to save some cash. You could embroider a design onto fabric and attach this to your DIY card, or perhaps you could make a digital design or drawing into a personalised greetings card.

If you have young children, making gift cards can be a fun activity to foster their creativity (and it will save you some pennies too – a win win!)

Invest in some cheap craft materials that can be used over and over again to create cards for years to come. If all else fails, go with potato or hand printing with your kids, which is always a hit.

Stop buying greetings cards altogether

Okay… hear me out!

This might be controversial, as I know some people love to keep hold of their more sentimental cards from loved ones, and could not bear the thought of giving greetings cards a miss.

However, there are lots of ways to tell your loved ones how you feel without purchasing greetings cards. You could write your message directly on to your present if you use brown paper, or you could write a note or letter attached to the gift, which your loved one could keep. You could print a photo of you and your loved on, and write your birthday message on the back of the print.

There are ways you can communicate your message in a way that’s still meaningful and can become a keepsake, without purchasing a £3.50 printed birthday card!

Make the most of new customer offers

Moonpig – 30% off first card

Moonpig are currently running an offer for their new customers which could be cost effective. Currently new customers can get 30% off their first card with Moonpig when downloading the app. Cards on their website sell for as little as 99p, however you will need to take postage costs into account.

Thortful – 30% off first order

Thortful are also currently running a refer a friend offer for 30% off cards for new customers.

Embrace E-Cards

If you want to mark the occasion without purchasing a physical card, you could send an E-card instead.

E-cards have begun increasingly popular following the pandemic and the increase in those working from home – my office friends regularly send e-cards for birthdays which each member of the team sign virtually, as this can be cheaper than paying for postage costs, as well as considering the logistics of getting multiple people to sign that are spread across the country.

E-cards can be a creative solution to mark your friend’s day if you live in different locations, and plenty are free to send.

Try an alternative

Lastly, if you are a fan of the sentiment, but are looking to cut down on cards for environmental reasons as well as cost savings, you could try something different.

Write your birthday message on the inside cover of a book you are gifting your friend. Scribble your message on a bottle of wine. Make a cake and pipe your birthday message across the surface. Send a birthday video message or voice note that your family member will treasure and watch back for years to come.

There are lots of ways to express your love without writing on an A5 piece of paper; they may take a little more effort to execute however!

Final thoughts: 9 Ways to Save Money on Greetings Cards

Do you think these tips will help you to save more money on greetings cards? Buy in bulk and always keep a stash, and you will never be caught short buying a gift card costing the best part of a fiver again!

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