Wondering what to do with old school uniforms? Sell or donate via these sites

As we approach the back to school rush, it’s nearing the annual review of your household’s school uniform situation.

Whether your child has joined sixth form, has had a growth spurt, or has maybe left school for good, you might be left with uniform pieces that you no longer need.

If you are thinking about what to do with your child’s old school uniforms, particularly if the pieces are still in great condition, there are lots of solutions!

By passing on your uniform, you avoid more clothing ending up in landfill unnecessarily, and you might be able to make some cash for your recycled clothes at the same time. Win!

Going through the schooling system can be an expensive time for many, so there will be lots of parents who would appreciate being able to purchase preloved uniform to keep costs down.

what to do with old school uniforms
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Sell your preloved school uniform through specialist sites

Sites such as Old School Uniform and Uniformerly are platforms made for parents to sell their unwanted uniform pieces on to local families.

There are no selling fees, and the websites do not take a commission, meaning that all profits are passed on to sellers. 

It’s a great way for parents to earn some speedy cash, whilst also helping those in the local community who may be unable to buy new.

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Sell via your local Facebook group

Facebook market place can be a great way to reach local people, and as there are no fees for selling on the platform, it can be a profitable way to sell your items. Try advertising your uniform as a bundle, as buyers often prefer to purchase children’s clothes in collections, sorted by size.

Join local community or selling groups to reach those nearby, and take clear, well lit photographs of your items to appeal to buyers.

If you are looking to donate your preloved school uniform, there are various local programmes running donation initiatives.

Soft play chain, Wacky Warehouse, have launched a nationwide school uniform donation scheme, encouraging parents to visit a local branch to donate any unused or old school uniform pieces.

The School Uniform Bank in London also provide support for those looking to set up their own preloved school uniform swap shop. 

Many schools run take-back schemes for school uniform, so contact your child’s school to see if there are any schemes in place that would be grateful for donations.

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Turn your child’s uniform into a keepsake

Last but not least, if your child is leaving school and you are feeling a little sentimental, you could turn the uniform pieces into a keepsake!

There are creators that can make handmade keepsake pillows and even teddy’s using school uniform, with your colours, materials and school logo. 

If you choose to sell or donate your child’s school uniform, keep a few pieces aside to send off to make your keepsake. It’s a much better way to treasure the memories without storing piles of uniform pieces at the back of your wardrobe, collecting dust.

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Wondering what to do with old school uniforms? Sell or donate via these sites

I hope these ideas help you in deciding what to do with any unwanted school uniform items! I really like the keepsake idea, so I would personally keep a handful of items with this in mind, and would sell or donate the rest to ensure they go towards helping families in the community.

Let me know if you have any more ideas in the comments!

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