Octopus Energy Refer a Friend Code (Get £50 FREE)

We are all trying our best to be savvy with our energy consumption these days, in an attempt to keep bills as affordable as we can.

If you’re looking to switch energy providers, Octopus are currently offering a £50 incentive!

Read on to see how to claim your free £50 when switching to Octopus via their refer a friend scheme…

octopus energy refer a friend code
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How to claim your £50 credit towards your Octopus energy bill

It’s super easy to claim your £50 credit with Octopus energy.

Enter your postcode here to get your quote, choose a tariff, submit your details and you can relax while Octopus manage the switching process.

When you click through, your starting screen should look something like this:

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How to refer a friend to Octopus Energy

Once you’ve signed up, you can recommend Octopus energy to a friend by sharing your referral link. You can find your personalised link by logging in to your account.

If your friend uses your code, that’s £50 credit for both you and your pal! Simples.

Why choose Octopus Energy?

I’ve been with Octopus for several years now and had zero complaints or issues. Octopus energy have five stars on Trustpilot, and received high ratings on customer service surveys. If you want to research a little more about Octopus Energy, this review by Which is worth a read.

Once I became a customer I was able to claim a cute octopus plushie toy completely free too!

Octopus energy refer a friend code screenshot
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Final thoughts: Octopus Energy Refer a Friend Code (Get £50 FREE)

We are all looking to save as much as we can on our energy bills this year, so a free £50 credit is not to be sniffed at! If you refer your friends and family you can make yourself a further £50 per referral; it’s really simple and straightforward.

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