Nonna Tonda Pasta (Review & Discount Code)

Who doesn’t want fresh pasta delivered to your door! If you’re looking for a cheap and cosy date night, this pasta delivery service could be perfect for you.

It takes under 5 minutes to cook, so it’s a simple and fuss free choice. I have a 60% discount for new customers, too!

nonna tonda pasta review and discount code
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Nonna Tonda Pasta

Nonna Tonda was established by a husband and wife duo, James and Rebecca. After a road trip in Italy learning about new and delicious dishes, Nonna Tonda was born in 2020.

The pasta is freshly made, authentic, and the menu changes weekly.

My pasta review

There are two options to choose from each week; a meat or seafood based pasta, or a vegetarian option. After making your selection, sit back and wait for your letterbox friendly parcel to arrive. 

You will usually receive three items per meal; pasta, sauce and a cheese topping to sprinkle onto your finished dish.

When I signed up to my first box I selected 6 portions, which costs £35.00 full price (£5.83 per portion). 

However I do have a 60% discount code which means your portions could be as little as £2.33! For restaurant quality pasta, that’s pretty reasonable in my opinion! I also used a discount code, which reduced the price of my first box.

After eating my way through the pasta dishes, here are are a few of my Nonna Tonda positives:

  • The kits take just a few minutes to cook and prepare
  • The dishes were yummy, and the toppings added a little extra something to each dish
  • Deliveries can be paused at any time
  • The pasta portions can be frozen (I kept a portion of mine in the freezer for a speedy after work dinner, would recommend!)

My only criticism of the service is that I wish there were two veggie options to choose from each week instead of one. My partner hates mushrooms, so if the dish is mushroom based we have to skip!  This service doesn’t seem to cater for vegans either, so this could be improved.

After sampling a very delicious wild garlic pesto dish, I think this is the perfect budget date night. Lots cheaper than a takeaway, the meals are restaurant quality, and it’s super speedy too.

How to claim your discount

New customers can use an existing customer’s referral link to claim 60% off their first order, plus 30% off the following three orders. That’s a decent discount!

Once becoming a Nonna Tonda customer, you can unlock your own referral code to share with your friends and family for discounted future boxes. 

How to refer a friend to Nonna Tonda and get free pasta

Once you have placed your order, you will be able to refer your friends and family for discounts on future orders. Click on ‘My Pasta’, and then look for the ‘Send pasta to a friend’ you should be able to generate a link which can be sent to your friends and family.

Final Thoughts: Nonna Tonda Pasta (Review & Discount Code)

At full price, these boxes can be a little on the pricey side in my opinion, however with a 60% discount, they are great value. The pasta is tasty, fresh and quick to rustle up; the perfect speedy week night dinner, or dinner date if you are looking to recreate the famous candlelit Lady and the Tramp moment this weekend.

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