Important Times To Hire A Solicitor

Pixabay. CCO Licensed.

Almost everyone has to hire a solicitor at some point in their life. But just what are the main reasons for hiring a solicitor? This post delves into some of the important occasions when you’ll likely need a solicitor by your side.

You’re in legal trouble

If you’ve been wrongly accused of a crime – whether it be murder charge or a parking ticket – a solicitor could be worth hiring to help you defend yourself. While you have the choice to fight your own corner, a solicitor will usually be able to build a much stronger defence case due to their knowledge of the law. Even if you have committed a crime and evidence is stacked against you, it’s still worth hiring a solicitor to help reduce any potential penalty. 

You’re confused about business matters

There are so many laws dictating what a business should and should not do. Solicitors that specialise in business law can help you navigate the legal system and offer advice on the steps you should take. This could include anything from helping you to take on your first employees to helping you deal with late paying clients. Solicitors can also help you write business contracts, as well as setting up a limited company or applying to trademarks and patents. 

You’re suffering as a result of someone else’s negligence

The mistakes of others can sometimes cause serious damage. Perhaps a moving company damaged your furniture while moving it or perhaps you injured yourself on a faulty product. In these cases, it could be worth hiring a lawyer to file a lawsuit. This can help you to win compensation for the damage that has been caused. Be wary that there are many subcategories of this form of law ranging from personal injury law to medical malpractice law. 

You’re getting divorced

When getting divorced, you may have to make big decisions regarding your property and kids. Even if it’s an amicable breakup, it could be worth hiring a divorce lawyer to advise you through the process and outline the terms of the divorce. In cases where you and your ex can’t agree on anything, you may find that both of you benefit from hiring individual lawyers. 

You’re writing a will/handling someone’s estate

Solicitors play a huge part in probate – the process of dealing with a person’s property, money and possessions when they die. Probate lawyers can help you write a will and put in place plans on how to handle your estate. You can also hire lawyers when handling someone else’s estate. This could be particularly necessary if there are disputes among loved ones as to who receives which assets. 

You’re buying/selling property

You can’t purchase a property without hiring a specialist solicitor known as a conveyancer. They are necessary for handling all the paperwork. Similarly, if you’re selling a property, you will also need a conveyancer to handle the paperwork. Realtors may be able to recommend you solicitors, however you should be able to easily find local conveyancers with a quick Google search.