How to Make Mum Friends in 2024

When you’re a parent, particularly a new mum, it can be difficult and quite overwhelming at times. One of the ways it can be a little easier is having some mum friends who know exactly what you’re going through.

We all agree that making friends as an adult can be hard, and it does require some effort. Gone are the school days where you sat down in class, and by the end of the day you’ve made a new bestie!

If you’re unsure where to start to make some new mum pals, here are some ideas which should help you kick start your newest friend group…

how to make mum friends
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How to make Mum Friends in 2024

Attend a Baby Class

Trying a new baby groups is one of the easiest ways to meet lots of new parents. as you are guaranteed to meet a group of people with babies of similar ages who are also looking to connect with new people. It might take attending several groups until you find ‘your people’, but that’s totally normal!

If you’re struggling to find any groups locally, try your council’s website, pop in to your local church to see if there are weekly sessions or visit your nearest coffee shop to check their noticeboards. Costa cafe’s usually have community message boards with details of all types of social groups, so if you’re stuck this is a great place to start! The library is another great place to check for social groups.

Popular baby groups include baby sensory, signing groups, music classes, guided group walks and baby massage. Search Happity and Emma’s Diary for groups local to you, and try several groups until you find your favourites.

Chat via Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of our lives these days, with many of us spending time each day scrolling our feeds, so it makes sense to utilise itfor good, by finding some mum pals!

You could search for parenting or community groups on Facebook, join online forums, and you may discover Whatsapp groups to participate in. You could also find a community you are interested in on instagram and set up your own account to join – I am part of the money community on instagram and have met several online friends in person now.

 It might take a bit of digging, but there are sure to be some virtual groups that interest you!

Download an App

In 2024 there are apps for everything; money making apps, dating apps, period tracking apps, language learning apps… the list is endless!

So it makes sense that there are apps out there which help with making friends, too! 

The Peanut app is an online community for those navigating fertility, pregnancy, motherhood or menopause. There are forums for women to chat and ask questions, as well as the ‘meet’ function which allows you to discover women nearby who are at a similar stage in life.

Bumble BFF is also another popular app for making friends. It started out as a feature of dating app Bumble, but has transitioned into its own standalone app.

There are lots of other apps to try but these are the most popular, and both are free to download and use.

Dog Walks

Dog walking can be a sociable activity, particularly if you tend to follow similar routes or head to the same parks.  Also, you’ll have two things in common with potential mum pals; you’re both dog mums too!

Fitness Classes

As well as attending standard fitness classes, there are specific post natal classes, such as buggy fit sessions or mother and baby yoga which would be an ideal setting to meet those in a similar life stage to you. Get chatting and perhaps you could be each others accountability buddies to keep on track with your fitness goals.

Day Care/School

Are there any opportunities to get involved in your child’s day care or school to help out?

There could be fundraising events, chances to be a school reader, school trips to supervise, and more. Strike up a chat with a member of staff and ask if there is anything you can do to support. This is a great way to meet local parents who may be looking for new friendships.

Attend mum focused events or groups

As well as baby focused classes, such as sensory and other play groups, look out for events specifically aimed at new mums. 

If you’ve not yet had your baby, you could attend pregnancy yoga classes or NCT classes to meet parents to be. The ladies at these groups are likely to have babies very close in age to yours too, which is a bonus!

Once your baby has arrived, breastfeeding support groups and ‘mum2mum markets’ are great ways to find lots of mamas in your area.

Friends of Friends

If you already have a few mum friends, you could suggest bringing some mutual friends together to arrange a playdate, and widen the friendship group.

The majority of people are very open to new friendships, and may be feeling a little lonely themselves, so would welcome the invite!

It’s also an organic way to meet new friends and broaden your social circle, as you will all have friends in common.

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It’s really about putting yourself out there, chatting to people and not being afraid to ask to swap details. Social media makes connecting a little easier, as you might feel more comfortable asking to swap instagram handles than taking a phone number. Remember that everyone is in exactly the same boat, be brave and challenge yourself to start up a new conversation wherever you can!

It’s also important to give it time. Some people make friends before their baby is born, whilst others might find a long lasting friendship group when their children start school. Don’t compare your situation, and focus on creating new opportunities to meet people until you find your tribe.

Maternity leave and the first few years of parenting can be an expensive time in your life, so if you’re looking to make some extra cash during your maternity leave, or maybe grab some freebies, I hope these posts help!

Final thoughts: How to make Mum Friends in 2024

I hope these tips help you going forward; pick one idea from the list to try each week and you might surprise yourself!

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