How to Host a Vision Board Party (Plan the Best Budget Night In!)

Do you feel that your nights out drinking and dancing in the clurb are over, but you still want to socialise with your pals? Want to do something a little more meaningful and a lot less spendy?

Then these tips on how to host Vision Board Party should help you to plan your next night in! If you’re not sure what a Vision Board Party involves exactly, then read on…

How to Host a Vision Board Party (Plan the Best Budget Night In!)

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What is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a visual representation of a person’s goals and dreams for the future. Vision boards often display aspirational pictures, quotes or ideas, and act as a tool for inspiration.

There are no real rules with vision boarding; it’s a chance to let loose and get creative!

How do Vision Boards work?

While vision boards are aesthetically pleasing, they also hold a lot of meaning. They can symbolize your dreams and desires, and can depict anything you hope to achieve in the future.

Studies show that by writing down our goals we are 42 percent more likely to achieve them. Therefore spending time creating a visual version of your goals list and hanging it in a spot that you can see every day, could be the motivation you need to make your dream life, your reality.

Creating a board should leave you feeling inspired and positive about the future. Positive thinking can affect attitudes and behaviours, and therefore lead to positive action and real-life changes. It’s not just about thinking positive thoughts; you will have to do the work too, but a vision board can be a good place to get started.

What is a Vision Board Party?

You can create your board in the peace and quiet of your own home if you’d like, but it can be a lot of fun to invite some pals over and have an evening of crafting!

Vision board parties are events centred around goal-setting and creating your visual tool to help inspire and motivate you, but in a fun, relaxed environment. Even if you are working towards some serious life goals, taking time to chill with your mates and get creative is always a good idea, and it can be encouraging to hear about each other’s dreams, too!

Why should you host a Vision Board Party?

If you are considering hosting a party, here are a few reasons why you should get planning!

It can be a great alcohol-free social gathering

There can sometimes be a level of pressure or expectation for alcohol to be involved in certain social gatherings, but vision boarding does not have to be one of them!

Sure, you can crack open a bottle of bubbles if you want, but equally, this is an activity that does not focus on booze. If you’re sober or are looking to cut down, then planning alcohol-free activities is key, and this party can be great without the need for drinks.

It is an event suitable for everyone

Vision boarding can work for absolutely anyone because everyone has their own goals, big or small. Saving for a house deposit? Want a puppy? Planning your first weekend away with a new partner? All of those dreams can work on your vision board!

Also whereas certain hobbies or activities need a level of skill or expertise before you can get started, vision boarding is a very chilled activity that everyone can get stuck into with no experience required.

It can be a very cheap evening to host (or attend)

The materials needed to host this event are not very expensive. There are are PDF downloads with hundreds of vision board images on Etsy, with themes including your dream home, love, or financial freedom – and they cost just a few pounds.

The only real costs will be drinks and nibbles for your guests! You could opt for a few boujee extras to enjoy, or just keep it simple. Perhaps ask your friends to prepare one snack each so that the cost is shared between the group.

It’s a great bonding experience

Do you know all about your pals’ hopes and dreams for the future? If not, this idea is a great way to get to know each other on a deeper level or a fab way to learn about new friends.

It’s a particularly great time to host this event in the first quarter of the year as you have a blank slate ahead of you, but September can work too, making the most of the ‘back to school’, new start vibes.

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How to host the BEST Vision Board Party

Collect your materials – When hunting down supplies, you could try the following ideas:

  • Ask friends or family if they could donate old magazines or newspapers, or see if you can pick up any free copies at your local tube stop
  • If you would like more specific images, you could try free sites such as Canva or Unsplash, and there are great offers online when printing images so this could be a cheap way to bulk order your photographs
  • Head to Hobbycraft or your local supermarket to pick up craft supplies – coloured paper, glue, glitter etc.!
  • Try printing some affirmations, quotes or images too – it’s good to have a mix of text and pictures for your board

Reach out to see who is interested – It might not be everyone’s thing, and that’s okay! Let your pals know and the ones who are interested will join. Ideally, you want everyone attending to be positive and open to getting creative!

Make a playlist – You want uplifting, positive and empowering tunes! Ask everyone to add some of their faves to your Spotify playlist. No sad songs allowed!

Prepare your snacks of choice – Maybe a cheeseboard could work, or you could try making fancy mocktails or milkshakes?

Create a warm welcome – Let guests introduce themselves or maybe try an ice breaker activity to ease everyone in!

Make sure your guests know what a Vision Board is – You could show some example images so that your guests know what they are aiming for.

Think about what you’d like your boards to focus on – The next year? The next 5 years? The choice is yours!

Play around with your images and text until you are happy – Don’t stick anything down straight away!

Make time to chat – Make time throughout the event to chat and network. It’s a great way to socialise in a relaxed group. Keep the group fairly small, at around 4 to 8 people. Too many people will probably feel too crowded and you will need space to lay out your images and materials.

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Virtual Vision Board Party

Vision board parties can be hosted online as well as in person. Go paper-free and try creating a virtual board while on a video call with your mates!

You can use online tools such as Canva or Notion to create online vision boards, which can be used as your phone or laptop background image. In a way, it’s easier and less messy, and you can’t make mistakes as there is an undo option!

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Vision Board Topics or Themes

You could decide to create multiple boards, each representing a different theme. Some options for broad topics include:

  • A vision board for money
  • A vision board for love
  • A debt-free themed vision board
  • A board for self-care and wellness

Final Thoughts: How to Host a Vision Board Party

If you were wondering how to host a Vision Board party, you should now be all set and ready to go! It’s a really fab chance to take a few hours to chat and be creative with your mates, whilst channelling positive vibes! Vision Board parties are super easy to host and don’t require too much preparation either which is a bonus.

Also, if you are on a debt-free or financial independence journey, it’s a great self care activity and chance to socialise, whilst also focusing on your goals and your future!

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