How Can Your Business Make A Splash On Social Media?

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Social media can be a vital tool for building brand awareness for your business and generating more customers. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t know how to use it effectively. Below are five trusted ways to make an impact on social media.,

Invest in video content

Social media posts containing videos get more clicks, likes and shares than social media posts without videos. This video content could be an advert, an informational video or even a live video. If you haven’t shared any video content to social media, consider whether it’s time to start uploading some videos. You could upload DIY informational videos discussing topics in a vlogging style, or you could hire a professional video production company like Fable Studios to help you create something higher quality. 

Share shocking facts

Shocking facts can be a great way to grab people’s attention on social media and could be a way to help promote your product/service. For example, sharing a fact like ‘every 14 seconds, a company falls victim to a ransomware attack’ could be a great way to promote a cybersecurity company. You can share facts as plain text, text on images, videos or infographics. Just make sure that any facts you share are accurate and from a trusted source so that you’re not misinforming people. 

Give useful advice

Sharing useful advice to potential clients can be a great way to build credibility. This could be advice in the form of vlog-style videos, links to informative blog posts or long informational threads of X (Twitter). The more unique and handy your advice is, the more it will grab people’s attention. You could also build followers who are interested in the advice you have to offer. Check out this guide at Sprout Social for more tips on how to build a following on social media. 

Ask questions and publish polls

Questions and polls encourage social interaction. At the same time, they can be a useful form of market research. Consider asking interesting questions that will start conversations and produce interesting answers. For example, if you own a pizzeria, ask questions that will create debate like ‘what is the worst pizza topping?’ or ‘do you fold your pizza slices when you eat them?’. These could be shared as plain text, or text on an image. When it comes to polls, some social media sites have in-built poll features, while others let you embed polls or share links to polls. 

Be social and do some networking

The purpose of a social network is to be social and to network. If you’re just sharing posts and not interacting with people, you’re doing it wrong. Try to reply to comments you get on your posts as quickly as you can – particularly if the person commenting is asking a question related to your product. On top of this, consider following accounts from other influential people within your industry and engage with their content to make a name for yourself.