How to get Free Aftershave and Perfume Samples

With perfume prices rising in recent years, and the cost of living crisis still in full swing, there might not be room for a new fragrance or cologne in our (already stretched) budgets.

Yet, despite the price increases, we still deserve to treat ourselves to a spritz of our favourite fragrances. Lucky for us, there are plenty of ways to nab free perfume and aftershave samples for free!

How to get Free Aftershave and Perfume Samples
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After all, there’s nothing better than a freebie!

If you’re looking to try out a fragrance before you commit to buying a large bottle, grab a sample size perfume to take on your travels, or grab a new fragrance as a little treat, here are some of the best ways you pick up perfume or aftershave samples.

How to get Free Aftershave and Perfume Samples

Follow Brands’ Social Media Accounts

If you have Facebook or Instagram accounts, follow your favourite brands social media accounts. You will then be shown targeted ads whenever they are giving away samples via the post.

SoPost is a popular sample company that works with big brands to send freebies via mail, but there are several others too – make sure to double check that any ads you spot are being advertised by the official brand account.

There have been samples given away by the following brands via social media recently:

  • YSL
  • Penthaligon’s
  • Louis Vuiton
  • Dior
  • Burberry
  • Bulgari

Become a Product Tester

Product testers trial a whole range of products – the list is truly endless. Recently as a product tester, I have received food samples, alcohol, CBD pet pet spray, shoes, underwear and even a hoover to trial in exchange for my honest feedback!

Sign up to several product testing platforms to have the best chance of being selected. A few examples of product testing sites include:

You never know what you might get to try, and perfume or aftershave could be one the list!

Enter Competitions and Giveaways

Everyday, countless competitions will go live across the internet. The lead up to big holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, and Mother’s Day are particularly popular times for brands to host competitions, which means there will be hundreds of prizes up for grabs – some of which could be fragrances or cologne!

You can enter competitions via multiple platforms; I’ve had the most luck with Instagram and email competitions. You can read more tips for entering competitions here.

Ask for samples in your local Department Store

Many Department store beauty counters, or specific fragrance stores, will offer perfume or aftershave samples – you just need to ask!

Be polite, strike up a conversation whilst browsing, and ask for specific fragrance testers you’d like to try, rather than just generally asking for freebies.

Sometimes in the flagship stores or those in very central locations, such as Oxford Street, there will be staff members handing out testers, so if you have a walk around the beauty floors, you’re likely to be offered a sample or two.

Follow Freebie sites or Instagram accounts

Lots of accounts in the Money community on Instagram share new perfume testers on their stories. As the websites usually have a limited amount of samples to share, it’s great to be quick with your applications, so following money and deals accounts are a great way to have your finger on the pulse.

Some great freebie accounts include Catch A Gem and Free Samples UK.

Also, you can follow my instagram account for daily deals and money saving tips!

Rewards for Recycling packaging

Keep hold of your empty beauty packaging! Several high street retailers will recycle your empty packaging in exchange for a reward, such as money off your next purchase.

Lush for example, will pay 50p per qualifying item returned to the store, which can be taken off your bill at checkout. You could use this credit to save money on a future fragrance purchase.

Check out the latest recycling schemes offering rewards to see which of your empties to keep hold of.

Final thoughts: How to get Free Aftershave and Perfume Samples

Follow these tips and you should be able to build your collection of perfume or cologne samples within no time!

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