Fairgame Review: Fairground themed Activity Bar in Canary Wharf, London

‘Fairgame’ is a funfair themed, high tech activity bar located in Canary Wharf, London which opened in late 2022, being described as ‘the world’s first immersive fairground for adults’. I had heard great things from friends about this venue, so thought it was time to pay Fairgame a visit!

I made the booking to celebrate my Dad’s birthday, and we then went on to play a round of shuffleboard after; we are a competitive family that love games of all kinds, so we thought this combo would be perfect for a fun family day together!

Our first experience at Fairgame

The theming is excellent throughout and really helps to recreate that familiar, ‘fun at the fair’ nostalgic feel. Spot the huge inflatable duck floating by the entrance!

On arrival we were given cards to scan before playing each game, and our scores were automatically added to our own personalised leaderboard, which we could view via our phones. Setting up our teams via our smartphones was a little tricky for a few of the members of the group that are less tech savvy, but the staff were on hand to help ensure each person’s access had been set up correctly.

We then waited for our slot to begin and grabbed a drink from the bar. There are fun themed cocktail options available ranging from alcoholic slushies, a ‘helter skelter’ cocktail, to a popcorn old fashioned. 

After we had picked up our drinks it was time for the games to begin! We played 9 games in total, and my favourite was probably ‘The Final Furlong’; a version of the classic roll-a-ball derby horse racing game.

Fairgame review

Our game slot started at 12pm midday, just as the venue was opening, and there were very few people around which meant we didn’t really queue to play any of the games, or for drinks.

By the time we left however, the venue had filled up, and there was noticeably less room within the games section. If you want to avoid the crowds, I recommend booking an early slot if possible, or during weekdays for a quieter experience.

Although playing these classic games makes you feel like a big kid, Fairgame is actually an adults only venue, so that’s something to keep in mind – it’s an ideal spot for a hen or stag do, Christmas party or birthday night out with friends.

What games can I play at Fairgame?

There were 9 games to play at Fairgame:

  • Pantry Pandemonium 
  • Lawn of the Dead
  • Dunk the Junk
  • Space Race
  • Phoney Island
  • Alley Hoop
  • Circus Freak
  • Gopher Broke
  • The Final Furlong

I won’t go into too much detail about each game as it might spoil the surprise! However many of the activities are based around traditional funfair and arcade games.

Fairgame review shooting game
Here I am playing the ‘Phoney Island’ shooting game!
Photography: Saving in London City

Can you win prizes at Fairgame?

Yes! We won free prosecco infused candy floss on the ‘Phoney Island’ shooting game. There are boards around each game with instructions which tell you which scores you need to beat in order to win a prize. To claim our prize, we showed our scores on our smartphone screen to the server and collected our huge candy floss.

To win one of the famous Fairgame teddy’s (spot the teddy wall!), you need to win the game of the week – or you can choose to buy a teddy to take home with you instead.

Fairgame review teddy prize
Photography: Saving in London City

Food and Drink options at Fairgame

Fairgame have partnered with several street food caterers, so you can grab a burger at Burger and Beyond, a pizza at Rudy’s or some mexican food at Dos Mas Tacos.

Where is Fairgame?

Fairgame is located at 25 – 35 Fisherman’s Walk, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4DH.

How much does it cost to play?

Tickets cost £15pp to play all 9 games, which is quite reasonable in my opinion.

Fairgame Review: The Verdict

I had an amazing time at Fairgame and would definitely return!

The games were so much fun, and we were given two consecutive attempts at each (with a short pause in between) which was useful, as sometimes it took the first go to get the hang of it! 

I wish there was an option to pay for additional games – I think my party would have paid for extra tokens to play a few of the games again, or even the option to add this on to the original booking. Once we started to play, we wanted to continue and stay for longer! Although I do appreciate this might not be possible due to crowd levels and popularity of the venue.

I liked the added bonus of being able to win a prize as well as trying to beat your team members, and we loved the novelty flavoured candy floss.

Overall we had a fantastic time and have recommended Fairgame to several friends now – definitely one to try if you are a fan of an immersive experience or activity bar.

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