Eco Friendly Party Bag Fillers (Plastic free and Sustainable Ideas)

Despite popular belief, party bags don’t have to be filled with plastic tat! 

As well as choosing options that are more planet friendly, it’s best if the contents of your party bags will actually be used, rather than thrown straight in to the bin.

As a general rule, I think it’s good to pick items that are either useful or edible. You can’t really go wrong with edible treats, as you know that they will definitely be gobbled up on the way home from the party, and useful items that have a purpose are much more likely to see the light of day again. Parents will be grateful if there’s an item that can be used as a rainy day activity!

Also, quality over quantity! You don’t need to fill your party bags to the brim. You could choose one, great quality treat instead.

eco friendly party bag filler ideas
Image credit: Canva

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I’ve hunted down some of the the best eco friendly party bag fillers for inspiration…

Eco friendly party bag filler ideas


Books are a fab inclusion for your party bags. Cheap picture books can be found at your local charity shop, or you can pick up 10 books for £10 at the Works currently.

You can also opt for sets of books, which can be split and shared between your party bags. Or, instead of bags, simply wrap the books in brown paper or tissue paper, attach a packet of sweets to each, and you’re good to go!


Seeds are a fab addition to your party bags; they are generally cheap to buy, and can be an educational activity. Kids will love to see their seeds sprout and grow in the garden.

There are a range of options to choose from, including seed pencils, and even bumble bee seed bombs which are adorable!

These are some of my favourites:

Image credit: Etsy
Image credit: Canva
Image credit: Etsy

Here are even more options, depending on the theme of your party:

Edible treats

Anything edible is always a win. It’s never going to be wasted!

Try to avoid lollipops with plastic sticks, or excessive individual plastic packaging where possible. You could buy pick and mix in bulk and split the sweets into individual paper bags, to reduce the amount of packaging. Pick and mix can be purchased at your local refill centre (remember to bring your container!), or you can pick up boxes of mixed sweets. This is likely to be cheaper than buying individually wrapped sweets, too.

Baking kits

Instead of hunting down a range of items to add to your party bags, save yourself the time and effort, and instead give your guests their own baking kit. I know I would have been buzzing to receive one of these as a kid!

There are kits for cookies, cupcakes, s’mores, and more – and your can get the gifts personalised too!

Here are a few great options:

Image credit: Etsy
Image credit@ Etsy

Paper Crafts

Paper puzzles and crafts are inexpensive and they are also better for the environment, as they can be recycled.

I love these paper and card crafts! Great for animal lovers or pirate themed parties, and they are good value too.

Image credit: Etsy
Image credit: Etsy

Recycled pencils/notebooks

Notebooks and pencils made from recycled paper are always a favourite with kids – we all love a new notebook! Buy multi-packs of notepads and pencils which can be split into individual gifts.

Bath bombs

Make bath time fun by including an eco friendly bath bomb in your kiddie’s party bags.

These mini bath bombs come in a larger box and can be split between your guests:

Image credit: Etsy


Bookmarks are a really fun personalised gift to give your child’s friends, and they are reasonably priced too!

You could combine the personalised bookmarks with a book each, add a few sweets and you’ve got the most thoughtful parcels to hand out to your guests!

Packaging ideas for your Eco Friendly Party Bags

Cardboard cartons or paper bags are fab options for environmentally friendly packaging, and they can be decorated or stickers can be added to personalise easily. 

If you opt for the baking kits for example, your packaging is done for you, but if you want to make your own, you might want to try the following:

  • Paper bags
  • Small cardboard boxes
  • Biodegradable cello wrap

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Things to remember when making your Eco friendly party bags

  • Remember to reserve your own child a party bag too! Put it aside rather than with the rest to avoid disappointment
  • Try focusing on one useful thing, rather than the pressure of having to fill a bag with all different items. Quality over quantity after all (plus it’s less prep for you)
  • Put your party bags by the door to remind you to give them out. You don’t want to be left with 10+ packets of poop seeds at the end of the day

Eco friendly party bag filler ideas (Plastic free and Sustainable)

I hope these eco friendly party bag fillers help provide some inspo! Save money and also the planet by choosing items that will be useful, and that the kids will love to receive!

Whether you’re completing a low spend year, or are trying to shop more mindfully, I hope these tips help you to make thoughtful purchases!

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