10 Creative ways to give Gift Cards

Gift cards can be such an underrated gift!

Occasionally, gift givers assume that giving either a gift card or cash might not be as thoughtful as choosing something out themselves. Yet sometimes, the best thing to do is to give the gift of allowing your loved one to buy something they really need or want!

Also, there are times in your life when having the cash or credit to spend in store is so useful. As a student heading off to University, or a couple buying their first house, it’s the ideal gift to spend on their new home, or put towards the essentials.

Instead of handing over the gift card in an envelope however, you might be thinking of alternative ways to gift your present that are a little more creative, or might make a memorable moment with your loved one.

If you were wondering how to give your gift cards or cash this year, I have 10 fun gift card presentation ideas which will add an element of surprise…

Creative ways to give gift cards
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10 Creative ways to give gift cards 

Remember that most of these ideas can also be adapted to giving money as a gift too! Remember that you can use either the standard plastic gift card, or you may be able to purchase an online e-giftcard, meaning you can write the code onto a piece of paper (which may be easier to hide, depending on which idea you choose!)

1. Using Balloons

Balloons are versatile; there are multiple options you could try using balloons to present your gift cards.

You could try inserting your gift card (or your e-giftcard code on a small piece of paper) into a helium balloon, or you could attach the gift card to a ribbon attached to the balloon.

If you want to give multiple gift cards, you could try making a balloon tree, with a gift card or code in each individual balloon, which are then attached to a stick in the centre. Your loved one would then need to pop each of their balloons to discover their gifts!

Lastly, if  you enjoy getting creative, you could try making a balloon animal with your gift card inside. How cute would that be to gift a balloon penguin or elephant, with a surprise gift inside! Find out what your loved one’s favourite animal is, and see if you are able to create a balloon version for an unexpected surprise.

2. Treasure or Scavenger Hunt

A treasure hunt is such a fun way to give either a gift card or money to your family or friends.

Create a treasure map with clues, or give them a riddle to crack which will lead them to their next clue. If they are able to complete the scavenger hunt, they will be rewarded with their prize at the end!

This is a particularly fun one for older children or teenagers, who will enjoy working out the puzzles, but would also love a gift card to go on a shopping spree!

There are lots of scavenger hunt templates available online which you can print, or use as inspiration to create your own.

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You could also take them on a treasure hunt and once you’ve finished, present them with their reward!

3. Create a Game Show or Quiz

If it’s one of your loved one’s special birthdays or a big life event, you could design a game show or quiz with questions about them or their favourite things! (My family actually did this for my 30th and it was the FUNNIEST thing, and completely unexpected).

You can make your game show using Powerpoint or Google slides, and display your game show via your television (or you could use a projector for extra drama!)

For each question answered correctly, your quiz show contestant is one step closer to winning their gift card or “cash prize”.

You could include one big question at the end where your loved one has the chance to ‘gamble’ and win big!

(Tip: You might need to slightly rig the quiz or include a couple of very easy questions if you want your birthday girl or boy to actually win their birthday gift!

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4. A Gift Card Bouquet

A bouquet could be a really sweet idea to share multiple gift cards with your loved one!

There are lots of paper based bouquets which you can purchase, such as birthday or graduation flower printable bouquets – how adorable is this!

Photo credit: Pixels and Pop via Etsy

Alternatively, you could DIY your bouquet instead, and choose to include real flowers or even sweets – the choice is yours.

If you’d rather something more permanent for your loved one to keep, you could get them a light up money tree – along with gift cards or cash, you could add some special polaroid prints to clip to each branch.

5. Inside a book

If the person you are buying for is a bibliophile, you could choose to purchase a bookstore gift card, and hide it inside a storage book!

This is such a fun keepsake for book lovers to keep secret trinkets inside on their bookshelf, and you could even choose to personalise the book.

Photo Credit: Febland Group via Etsy

Okay so this idea might not work so well for plastic gift cards, but if you are able to purchase an e-giftcard, you could print the codes on small slips of paper and hide these inside personalised fortune cookies!

The perfect surprise for your guest, particularly if you were hosting a dinner party!

7. Movie Night Box

Give your loved one the gift of a night at the movies! 

Include a movie themed gift card (such as Netflix, or your local cinema), as well as popcorn, soft drinks and sweets. These popcorn buckets add a little something extra, and you could even go further, opting for a Hollywood or Oscars theme.

This is also a great way to gift an unlimited cinema pass, and give the gift of months of free movies! The ideal gift for avid cinema goers.

8. Travel themed with a fake passport

If you’re planning to gift a travel related gift card, such as an airbnb, or last, you could opt to give your gift card with a mini personalised passport!

This could be a really great way to give gift cards or money towards a honeymoon, gap year, or a special birthday trip.

You can personalise the passport yourself, or choose an option where your message is printed for you.

This is the perfect way to surprise the traveller in your life!

9. Sweetie jar

Everyone loves sweets, so go for a guaranteed option that will please your loved one by filling up a large tub with sweets, and popping the gift cards inside for them to find as they munch their way through!

You could make a themed sweet jar (all pink sweets for example) or you could just go for variety, and include all of the pick and mix classics.

10. Piñata

Last but not least, why not try hiding your gift cards inside a piñata?

Fun for all ages, a piñata is the perfect party game whilst being an unsuspecting way to hide your gift cards or cash. 

Photo credit: PartyTouchesUK via Amazon

There are reasonably priced mini piñatas, and even personalised numbers! Alternatively you can choose to make your own from cardboard and tissue paper – be sure to start early though, as it can be time consuming.

Remember to make sure the correct person wins though if you do choose this option to hide the gift!

Final Thoughts: 10 Creative ways to give gift cards

I hope this list has provided some inspiration for gift card presentation ideas with a difference! 

Your loved one will appreciate the additional effort you have put into their gift, and it will definitely be memorable!

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