Every Coworking Space in London offering a Day Pass (2024)

If you are a freelancer, or are spending more time remote working, you might be looking for new places to work to shake up your routine.

Although remote working definitely has its perks, it can become boring and repetitive, so it’s great to switch up your work place. It’s also great to meet and work with other colleagues or friends who are remote workers – it can be energising to have someone to chat to or share ideas with, rather than always working alone.

There are many coworking spaces in London that offer memberships, but for those looking not to commit to one place just yet, I have scoured the internet for every coworking space in London offering a day pass, so you can experience a variety, and avoid the mundane!

If you’re looking to save some cash, there are also plenty of free coworking spaces in London popping up, where you can enjoy a trial day or access complimentary facilities at no charge. One to bookmark if you are a freelancer!

Coworking Spaces in London offering a Day Pass
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Every Coworking Space in London offering a Day Pass

Here are the coworking spaces in London with hot desk day passes (as of 2024)…

Foundry – £25 for a Day Pass

Pay £25 for a day pass to work at Foundry in Walthamstow, with fresh coffee included.

The facilities include showers and sound proof booths, and there is a free membership called ‘Friends of Foundry’, which gives you access to events and even an onsite cocktail bar.

Foundry is open 9am – 5pm on weekdays, and more details can be found here

Space Pool – From as little as £18 per day

You can hot desk at a range of workspaces across London via Space Pool. Each location has their own amenities, so be sure to check – but many include access to breakout rooms and kitchen facilities.

The search and filter functions allow you to find spaces local to your area and to sort based on price, which is handy.

Uncommon – Day Passes from £40 + vat

Enjoy working in a range of central office spaces in London, with outside spaces, plenty of greenery and modern decor.  

Uncommon venues host members’ events from drinks and breakfasts to complimentary fitness and wellness classes, so there are lots of opportunities to socialise and network.

More details can be found here.

Huckletree – Day Passes from £35 per day

Huckletree have coworking spaces located across London, Manchester and Dublin, and facilities include creative breakout zones, quiet spaces, as well as complimentary tea and coffee.

Day passes start from £35, but there are discounts for pre-paid day pass packs of up to 33%, if you are planning to visit regularly.

Second Home – £35 Day Passes

Second Home have four London locations to choose from; London Fields, Holland Park, Spitalfields and Clerkenwell Green.

They also offer a discount on day pass bundles, so if you buy a pack of 10, your individual day passes are reduced to £25 instead.

Superfast wifi, printing and free organic tea & coffee are all included, and you can find out more details here.

Every Coworking Space in London offering a Day Pass (2024)

There are so many places in London to work, but finding them can be tricky. If you’re looking to spend less time working from home, and are hoping for a change of scenery, I hope this list of coworking spaces helped!

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