8 Clothes Recycling for Cash Schemes in the UK

Have you been decluttering your home and wondering whether you could recycle some of your pre-loved clothing to make some cash? Well you’ll be pleased to know there are various schemes across the UK which make recycling easier than ever.

As well as making you some extra cash, the clothes collected via these schemes avoid heading to landfill, so it’s a win-win. Stats show that over 30% of unwanted clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year, so it’s important to do our part to reduce this amount wherever we can, and ensure the clothes are recycled or reused.

Clothes Recycling for Cash UK
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Can I make money recycling my clothes?

Yes you can!

High street recycling schemes tend to reward customers by exchanging clothing items for store credit or vouchers. However there are also recycling companies that will purchase your second hand items for cash in hand.

If you are planning a spring clean and have some unwanted clothing items lying around, it could be worthwhile trying one of these recycling schemes to pocket some cash!

8 Clothes Recycling for Cash High Street Schemes in the UK

High street recycling schemes definitely used to be more generous (the ‘back to Mac’ scheme was incredible!), but there are still some available that are worthwhile participating in.

Here are some of the best high street recycling schemes which could save you money on future purchases…

1. M&S (Free Percy Pig Sweets)

Return an item of preloved clothing to one of M&S’s shwop boxes and in exchange you’ll receive a free treat, such as a packet of Percy Pig sweets, via your Sparks app. When dropping off your item, scan the QR code on top of the box in any M&S clothing store and the treat will pop up in your Sparks hub.

All items collected as part of the Shwop scheme will be resold, reused or recycled, so nothing goes to waste.

2. H&M Voucher (£5 off a £25 spend)

H&M’s Garment Collecting programme has been running since 2013, and they offer a £5 off a £25 spend voucher for every bag of items donated in store. H&M accepts clothes, textiles or shoes  and they can be in any condition.

3. John Lewis – (£5 off when spending £20 or more)

My John Lewis members can get £5 off a fashion or homeware purchase of over £20 by bringing in 5 or more items of second hand clothes to any of the fashion counters, as part of their FashionCycle scheme.

It’s free to become a member (you can sign up here), and you can claim this discount once per visit.

4. Schuh (£5 off a £25 spend)

Schuh’s ‘Sell your Soles’ campaign encourages customers to exchange their old, worn shoes for £5 off a brand new pair worth £25 or more.

The shoes donated don’t need to have been bought a Schuh, either.

5. Beyond Retro (store credit)

Beyond Retro are running a ‘buy it back’ scheme, and are currently on the look out for the best pre-loved items from the 70’s to the noughties.

Take your items along to the store (they must be in good condition to be resold), and you’ll receive 20% of the selling price as a Beyond Retro giftcard to spend in store.

Beyond Retro have a huge list of brands they love and are looking to buy on their website, so check to see if your items are likely to be snapped up.

6. George at Asda (10% off at

Okay so this one isn’t the most generous of the bunch, but George at Asda are offering a 10% discount for a parcel of preloved clothes or textiles as part of their ‘Take Back’ scheme.

They accept clothes, shoes, accessories and bedding, and you can find out more information here.

7. Boden (£4 credit per item)

Fans of Boden will be pleased to know that their ‘Pass It On’ scheme encourages customers to return old Boden clothing in exchange for store credit, with no minimum spend.

Customers can collect account credit to the value of £4 per womenswear or menswear item and £2 per Mini item donated (with a yearly limit of £20 credit).

Boden also promote a 365 day guarantee on their clothing items, offering to fix your faulty items and replace missing buttons for free!

8. River Island x ReSkinned (£5 voucher)

Drop off a minimum of three items of clothing from any brand at one of River Island’s stores, or organise a free courier collection to receive a £5 gift voucher off a £40 shop.

Your voucher is only valid for one month, so be sure to drop off your pre-loved clothing when you are planning to make a purchase soon! You can donate any brand – not just River Island items.

Check the website for more information on the River Island x Reskinned scheme.

More ways to recycle your clothing for cash

There are multiple organisations across the UK that will pay cash for your second hand clothes.

Usually these companies pay per kilo; the average price being around 50p per kilo, or £5 per 10 kilo per bag of clean items in good condition.

Companies usually accept clothes, shoes and accessories, but some may also accept:

  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Tablecloths
  • Curtains
  • Jewellery
  • Soft toys
  • Belts and other accessories
  • Perfumes and cosmetics

This can be a great way to make some money if you do not have the time to sell your items individually, or if your items are unbranded and would be difficult to sell.

For local recycling companies that pay per kilo of items, you could try contacting:

Alternatively you may be able to find a local recycling company near you. Be sure to do your research when choosing a company, read reviews and compare prices to ensure you are making the best deal per kilo!

Make Up Recycling Schemes

As well as clothing recycling schemes, there are high street stores collecting your use make up and skincare packaging for rewards, too!

Boots ‘Scan2Recycle’ Scheme

Scan2Recycle, Boots’ recycling scheme, offer customers returning five items of makeup or skincare packaging a £5 voucher when they spend over £10 in store.

Upload photos of your items to be verified via the website, which can take up to 24 hours, and then drop them at your local recycling point in store. Remember to scan the QR code on the recycling point

Vouchers are valid for 3 days including the day they are issued, so be sure to spend them quickly.

The scheme has changed several times since it’s original launch, so be sure to check the FAQ’s for the latest updates.

John Lewis BeautyCycle

My John Lewis members can get £5 off when spending £20 or more on Beauty by bringing five or more clean, empty beauty product containers to the beauty counters in store, as part of their BeautyCycle scheme.

Lush’s Bring it Back’ scheme

Bring back your LUSH packaging to your local store and earn 50p per item towards your next purchase. 

Items included in the scheme include full sized make up packaging, black plastic containers, clear plastic bottles and more. For the full list of qualifying packaging, check the website for more details.

Selling your children’s preloved School Uniform

Lastly, if you have unused school uniforms that are still in great condition, there are lots of options to either sell to make some money, or donate.

Platforms such as Uniformerly offer solutions for parents to sell their unwanted uniform pieces on to local families to make some cash.

Final thoughts: 8 Clothes Recycling for Cash Schemes in the UK

During your next spring clean, be sure to hold on to any pre-loved clothing or make up packaging! Have you used any of these clothes recycling schemes to make some extra cash before?

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