9 Best Lads Night In Ideas (Host the Ideal Guys Evening!)

Whether it’s an upcoming birthday, a reunion with your mates, or you’re catching up with family, there are so many reasons you might want to plan a Lads night in!

It can be a great way to save money; going out is expensive these days. A night in is much kinder to the budget.

I’ve compiled some of the more unique ideas for the perfect boys night in, so you can be the host with the most. As I’m not an authority on this subject, I did the research by quizzing the men in my life! They agreed that these are the best ideas for an unforgettable night…

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9 Best Lads Night In Ideas

Board Games Night

Fans of board games know there is nothing better than an evening of extremely competitive game play!

Dig out your favourite games – Catan and Risk are absolute classics that can bring out the competitive side in anyone. Alternatively you could opt for a newer board game – the Taskmaster game, based on the TV show is hilarious, or you could try the Squid Game Board game perhaps! Big Potato Games are also really great, simple yet creative games that I highly recommend.

Have a few options available so you and your mates can decide on the night and switch it up. Keep scores so that you can determine the ultimate champ!

DIY Pizza Station

You’re gonna need to provide some tasty snacks when you host your lads night, so why not make an activity out of it and arrange a DIY pizza parlour?

Either make your bases, or buy ready made pizza bases for ease, and prepare your choice of toppings in bowls ready for your guests to make their perfect pizza!

By allowing each guest to make their own, if your guests have any dietary requirements or preferences each person can choose their own toppings to create their own personalised pizza. Perfect! 

Bonus points if you have a pizza oven and can cook your pizzas together outside.

Beer or Whiskey Tasting

Arrange a beer or whiskey tasting night for your mates with different types of drinks. Cover the labels and ask your friends to guess the flavours and brand of beer.

You can buy whiskey tasting kits where the work is done for you, or you can head to your local supermarket and buy a range of bottles instead for a cheaper alternative.

If you are into brewing, you could share your homemade beers with your friends, or you could host your own homemade beer competition, asking your friends to bring their own concoctions to share and rate!

Poker Night

A lads poker night is a classic, and it’s so easy to arrange as a host. Set up your poker table (if you don’t have poker chips you can pick them up for cheap online) ask your friends to bring some cash to place their bets with, and you’re ready!

If you’re not a fan of poker, you could play card games instead, using the chips to place your bets. A great option for beginners or younger players.

Mario Kart Olympics

Mario Kart or Mario Party are the best videogames to play with a group; they are straightforward and anyone can play, even if they aren’t an experienced gamer. 

You could plan a series of mini-games within various video games, and keep scores throughout the evening so that you can determine the ultimate winner!

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Barbecue/Fire Pit Night

If you have an available outdoor space, and the weather is on your side, you could change things up and host your evening in the garden.

Fire up your barbecue and grill some of your favourite BBQ dishes! Or you could light a fire pit, and enjoy scoffing s’mores by the fire with drinks.

DIY Hot Wings Tasting

If you are a fan of spice, host your own episode of Hot Ones with your mates.

Dish up your wings with a range of hot sauces, ranging from mild to XXX hot, and challenge your pals to see who can handle the heat.

(Remember to supply plenty of milk and sour cream for those that struggle with spice!)

Host your own version of the Traitors Gameshow

If you are a fan of the BBC show The Traitors, why not host your own version of the show in your living room!

For those that have played Werewolves in the past, you’ll know it’s a campfire game that has been played for years, and provides plenty of laughs. If you’re not familiar with the game, you can watch tutorials to help you pick up the rules.

Host a Darts Tournament

Bring the pub vibes to your home, and invest in a darts board for rounds of darts with your mates.

Darts boards can be inexpensive and are an investment, as they’ll provide years of entertainment. For beginners, try games such as Around the World which are a little easier for first timers.

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9 Best Lads Night In Ideas (Host the Ideal Guys Evening!)

I hope these unique ideas for your next Guys Night In help to spark some inspiration!

If you’re looking to stick to a budget, these ideas can all be hosted relatively cheaply, and with little preparation needed.

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