4 Best Cashback Apps in the UK (2024)

When I started my money saving journey way back in 2015, cashback apps were one of the first places I started!

I always recommend cashback for those that are new to making money online, as the apps are extremely low effort, and simple to grasp.

If you haven’t used cashback apps before, I have written a complete guide to help you get started. Cashback is essentially free money – if you aren’t signed up to cashback sites yet then now is the time!

Best Cashback Apps in the UK
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How do cashback sites work?

When making an online purchase, instead of clicking directly on the retailer’s website, click through via your chosen cashback site or app. For each qualifying purchase, you will receive a small percentage of the cost of your item back.

These apps use an affiliate link model, meaning that for every purchase you earn cashback on, the cashback sites earn a percentage from your purchase too from the retailer, at no added cost to the customer.

4 Best Cashback Apps in the UK

These are the top four apps that I use, and would recommend:

1. Quidco

Quidco is the first ever cashback app I used, and the one I’ve made the most money from.

I never shop without having a quick look to see if a brand I’m buying from is listed on Quidco; simply click through to the website via your app before making a purchase, and your transaction will log automatically.

It’s especially important to sign up to Quidco before making any larger purchases, such as holidays, furniture, or electronics. The amount of cash you can claw back from these purchases is not to be sniffed at!

Some items I have bought through Quidco recently include:

I have earned £329.37 total since joining Quidco. Do not start your Christmas shopping without registering!

Click to join Quidco and get an extra £15 when you earn your first £5 in cashback!

2. Airtime Rewards

Airtime Rewards is the most passive of all the cashback apps – simply sign up, link your cards, and shop as you usually would.

As the app is linked to your bank card, it will automatically register every time you shop at participating stores. Go about your day and your cashback will begin to accumulate in the background like magic! Easy peasy.

It is easy to build up cashback via Airtime Rewards, and the app runs regular monthly challenges for additional cashback too.

I have earned £131.30 in cashback since joining this app with zero effort! You can often get cashback via Airtime Rewards in conjunction with using other discounts and offers. 

There are a range of participating brands you can earn cashback with, including high street stores such as Argos, Boots and New Look, as well as food retailers like Greggs, Yo! Sushi and Krispy Kreme.

Join Airtime Rewards, and add referral code B4VF9MMU to earn your first 50p bonus to get you started.

3. Top Cashback

Topcashback works in a very similar way to Quidco. Cashback rates can vary between the two apps, so I usually check both to see the better rate before I make a purchase.

Click to join Topcashback and earn a £10 sign up bonus when you earn £10 in payable cashback.

4. Honey Gold

Lastly, a shout-out to the Honey browser extension (which is also an app); I’ve only recently downloaded this one, but it’s already saved me some cash!

When browsing retailer websites, this browser extension automatically pops up with suggested discount codes. You can also earn Honey Gold (points which work in a similar way to cashback), which you can cash out as a gift voucher.

Sign up to Honey and start earning Honey Gold.

Tips to earn more via cashback apps

  • When using Quidco or Topcashback, try downloading the browser extensions. These extensions will pop up and remind you of the cashback you could be earning, so it will help you to save even more money. If you often forget to make your purchases via cashback sites, these extensions will help to build the habit!
  • Refer your partner, family or friends to earn even more. Each app has a refer a friend scheme, so once you’ve signed up yourself, you can begin referring your pals with just a few clicks.
  • Each platform runs challenges at different times of the year – always opt in to these if you can, as there will be a chance to earn even more cash! (Here’s an example of the Airtime Rewards challenges)
  • If you use multiple cashback apps, you can compare the cashback rates to ensure you are getting the best offer.
  • Sometimes you can use multiple cashback apps together to stack cashback. For example, you can use Airtime Rewards in conjunction with Quidco or Topcashback, for example.

Cashback FAQ’s

Which cashback app is best?

This is personal preference, but I really love Airtime Rewards. It’s completely passive, so you can set it up and forget all about it. Check your app every now and then, and withdraw your earnings. It couldn’t be more simple!

I helped my Mum sign up to Airtime Rewards and before she even checked her app again, she had £20 in her pot ready to cash out!

How does cashback work if you return something?

Purchases made through cashback sites are verified by the retailer before the cashback is paid out. The verification period is usually longer than the returns window, so if a purchase is returned, the cashback is cancelled (or amended, if multiple items were purchased and only one was returned, for example).

This process prevents customers buying items and returning them the next day just to pocket the cashback, as the transactions would not be approved.

Final Thoughts: 4 Best Cashback Apps in the UK (2024)

I hope this guide to some of the best cashback apps in the UK helps you to take the leap and start earning on your purchases today. It’s easier than you think – I promise!

If you haven’t started using cashback sites and apps yet, you are missing out on some easy money!

Remember to only use cashback on planned purchases though; don’t let the offer of earning cashback sway you to make purchases you don’t want or need.

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