31 Best Apps to Make Money in the UK

Lots of us are feeling the squeeze lately due to the cost of living crisis. You might be wondering, “How can I make some quick money?” Well, look no further!

In this article, we are going to be doing a deep dive into 31 of the best apps to make money fast in the UK right now. Every one of these apps is legit, and all are free to download and use.

I started using apps and websites to make money back in 2016, and I have never looked back. It really helped me at a time in my life when money was tight, and I was grateful for a quick injection of cash to keep me afloat.

Start clearing some space on your phone, as you’re going to want to start downloading these bad boys immediately!

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How do I make money online using apps?

Each app works differently in helping you earn money online; this guide will help you figure out which you want to try first!

Apps are a great way to start earning money. Just a few of the reasons why I love using apps to earn money include:

  • the ability to dip in and out depending on what else you have going on, compared to other side hustles which require a certain level of commitment
  • little to no prior investment is needed to begin using the apps
  • they are a great way to earn either cash or gift vouchers
  • being able to put in as little or as much time as you want
  • the variety available, which keeps it interesting!

31 Best Apps to Make Money in the UK

I have split this bumper list of money-making apps into categories, which include:

  • Receipt scanning apps
  • Cashback apps
  • Task apps
  • Apps to sell your clothes
  • Apps to sell your furniture
  • Foodie Cashback Apps
  • Apps to sell your books, games and DVD’s
  • Freelance work apps
  • Survey apps

Let’s get started!

Receipt scanning apps

Receipt scanning apps were the very first money-making method I tried when I began side hustling six years ago. Scanning your receipts is a good introduction to making money online if you are a complete beginner; it’s a quick and easy side hustle that requires little effort to get started.

The receipt scanning apps I use are:

My favourites of the bunch are Amazon Shopper Panel and Storewards. I have written a detailed post about receipt scanning apps, which includes examples of the amount you can expect to earn from each app, plus a step-by-step guide for newbies.

Receipt scanning won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but it’s a good little earner, especially as you can scan one receipt via multiple apps.

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Cashback apps

I have only good things to say about cashback apps! I have used them for years now, they are SO easy, and they have made me some serious money.

If you haven’t started using cashback apps, you are really missing a trick!

When making an online purchase, instead of clicking directly on the retailer’s website, click through via your chosen cashback site or app. For each qualifying purchase, you will receive a small percentage of the cost of your item back.

These are the top three apps that I use, and would recommend:

Airtime Rewards

One of my favorite features of Airtime Rewards is that you can set it up, and forget it. The app is linked to your bank card, and will register every time you shop at participating stores. Often I will go about my day and will receive notifications that my cashback has been tracked! Easy peasy.

Cashback can be used towards your phone bill. It is easy to build up cashback, and the app runs regular challenges for additional cashback too!

I have earned £131.30 in cashback since joining this app, and it’s probably the most passive of them all. Highly recommend.

Click to join Airtime Rewards, and add referral code B4VF9MMU to earn your first 50p bonus to get you started.


All hail Quidco! One of my favourite apps of the bunch, I never shop without having a quick look to see if there is any chance of speedy cashback. Simply click via your Quidco app before making a purchase, and your transaction with be automatically logged.

It’s especially important to sign up to Quidco before making any larger purchases, such as holidays, furniture, or electronics. The amount of cash you can claw back from these purchases is not to be sniffed at!

Some items I have bought through Quidco recently include:

I have earned £329.37 total since joining Quidco. Do not start your Christmas shopping without registering!

Click to join Quidco and get an extra £15 when you earn your first £5 in cashback!


Topcashback works in a very similar way to Quidco. Cashback rates can vary between the two apps, so I usually check both to see the better rate before I make a purchase.

Click to join Topcashback and earn a £10 sign up bonus when you earn £10 in payable cashback.

Honey Gold

Lastly, a shout-out to the Honey browser extension (which is also an app); I’ve only recently downloaded this one, but it’s already saved me some cash! When browsing retailer websites, this browser extension automatically pops up with suggested discount codes. You can also earn Honey Gold (points which work in a similar way to cashback), which you can cash out as a gift voucher.

Sign up to Honey and start earning Honey Gold.

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Task Apps

Task Apps are often overlooked in my opinion and deemed a waste of time, but they can be really lucrative!

I began using Task Apps back in 2017 and I would map out several tasks to complete during one journey. If you are paying for petrol or public transport, it’s important to factor in the cost of travel, so I found it was worthwhile completing several tasks in one trip. If you are visiting a high street, for example, check all of your task apps to see if you can accept several jobs in one area.

I would say that completing tasks can be time-consuming, and it’s a great side hustle for those with time to dedicate; students or parents on maternity leave, for example, may find that task apps suit their lifestyles.

As these apps require you to check your phone regularly, and complete tasks at relatively short notice, participants need to be fairly flexible to pick up tasks.

Apps to sell your clothes

With thrifting and shopping second-hand becoming more and more fashionable, if you have never sold your unwanted clothes before, then now is definitely the time!

eBay is the OG sales app which I used extensively over the years, for both selling my decluttered clothes, as well as reselling. Nowadays, there are plenty of alternatives that have popped up with a focus on selling clothes, which include:

Selling your unwanted items is one of the quickest ways you can make some cash fast, and decluttering your space is super satisfying too!

Apps to sell your furniture

Continuing the theme of selling your unwanted items, selling your unwanted items via free listing apps such as Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree is probably the fastest way of all to earn some cash in hand.

Photograph your items, list them for sale with a short description, and interested customers will message (and probably try to haggle you down), before agreeing a collection time.

These apps are particularly great for selling larger, bulkier items that would be expensive and difficult to post. Think furniture, TV’s, mirrors, bicycles etc.

There are a few downsides to using these apps, and you should expect to encounter a few time wasters, but there is potential to start earning cash in hand within 24 hours if you’re lucky.

Remember to stay safe when giving out your home address and avoid being home alone when arranging collections; you can arrange for collection at a public place instead if you would prefer.

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Foodie Cashback apps

Okay so technically you’re saving cash, but you can buy cashback items in with your usual grocery shop and then receive the cashback, straight to your bank or paypal account. So it’s still cash in your pocket!

These apps are fab if you want the products; don’t get caught up in the excitement and end up buying items that you wouldn’t have wanted in the first place, otherwise it’s not really a bargain!

My favourite Foodie cashback apps are:

  • Greenjinn
  • Shopmium (use my referral code AMUYHAFY for a free tube of pringles to get you started! Then refer your friends and family to receive £3 credit per referral)
  • Checkout Smart

Get into the habit of checking these apps just before heading to do your weekly shop, and see which items you can get hold of! You can double your profits if your partner or family members download and use the app when purchasing items too.

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Sell your books, games and DVD’s

Once a year during a huge spring clean, I like to purge all of my unwanted books, DVD’s and video games.

The majority of my used paperback books I sell via apps such as:

It’s as simple as scanning the barcodes of your items, and you will be instantly generated a sale price. Remember, you can scan your items into several apps and essentially choose to sell to the highest bidder.

The last time I sold a stack of my books, I found Ziffit gave me the highest price so I went with them. I made around £30 for 20 books, which I was pretty happy with!

It’s worth noting that if you have any particularly new or rare items, it might be worth pricing them up individually to see how much you are able to earn. The app Book Scouter can help you here – it’s a comparison tool which calculates the best price across all apps. Handy!

Apps to help you find freelance work

If you have skills you are looking to monetize, or are looking to begin building a freelance portfolio, it could be worth signing up to apps that will help you promote yourself and your skills.

Whether you are a graphic designer, cleaner, dog walker, handyman or administrator, you could probably find work via an app.

Some of the most popular apps include:

You may need to start off charging a smaller fee whilst you build up your reputation and client base. Once you have completed several jobs however, you could plan to increase your fee, looking to others in your field to find a benchmark figure.

Remember not to undersell yourself! Keep in mind the costs associated with the work, the materials required, and your salary per hour when deciding on a price, and only venture into completing this type of work if you feel it is worth your time and energy.

Survey Apps

I will be brutally honest with you; I have tried various survey apps, and I no longer use the majority of them. For me, the return on investment was not worth the payout.

This is a personal decision, and I find it mostly comes down to the time you have available; if you are a student for example, and find yourself with some free time, it may be worth dipping your toe in to see if survey apps are for you. If you are working full time on the other hand, time is a little more limited, and after a day spent staring at a screen, it might not be for you!

As with all things personal finance and side hustle related, it depends on the individual and their preferences.

Also, I’m not too keen on the apps that screen you out of surveys constantly. I get tired of it pretty quickly!

However, there are several apps that I have continued to use and enjoy:

  • Streetbees – Short 3-4 minute surveys, particularly great if you have a pet I’ve found as there are lots of pet-related surveys! Instant cashout to PayPal.
  • Yougov – 10 minute surveys on all sorts of topics, cashout at 5000 points = £50 cash

For alternative survey apps, you could try:

  • Curious cat
  • Toluna
  • Swagbucks

I won’t add these to the official list though, as I personally do not use them, but I know of other money bloggers who do!

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FAQ’s: Make Money via Apps in the UK

Which is the best app for earning money in UK?

Personally, I believe task apps such as Streetspotr, Roamler and Bemyeye are the best right now for earning money in the UK. They are free to download and use, there is no spend required to complete tasks, and per hour, the pay can be decent.

Task app success is very location dependent however; in certain areas, there may be more tasks available than others.

How can I make £10 a day in the UK using apps?

Of all the apps suggested above, the best options to make a consistent £10 a day are probably a combination of task apps, freelance work apps, and perhaps the apps where you are able to sell your items.

Final Thoughts: 31 Best Apps to Make Money in the UK

I hope this mega list of the best apps to earn money in the UK helps you to start making some instant cash! As with all apps, the terms can change frequently, so always be sure to check the terms and conditions if you are unsure.

If I have left any money-making apps out, let me know in the comments!

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