Becoming a Veteran: Journey Beyond the Uniform

When your watch has ended in active military service and it’s time to take off the uniform, a new journey starts – that of becoming a veteran. This is not a career change, but a complete lifestyle overhaul. In this blog we will look into this overhaul, the challenges and opportunities, and the indomitable spirit of those who’ve served.

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

Taking the First Steps in Savilian Life

Once leaving the armed forces, you can become bambared by the sense of freedom. No more drills or orders, but soon this euphoria bubble burst. The challenge now is to bridge the gap that here, a new set of rules and order reign that your strict lifestyle is not used to. It’s not just about finding a new career and bringing in money to make a living, but also adapting and figuring out your identity without the uniform. You will need to make new achievements in life that’s not measured by commendations and medals

Transitioning into civilian life is no cake walk. You will need to know how to translate “military” into civilian in your social settings, on your CV and even in interviews. For example, you can’t say “sir, yes sir!” in an interview. But, you’re not at a complete disadvantage in the real world. You bring to the table not just rigorous discipline, but also leadership skills and a mighty tough work ethic. Use these skills and make them shine on your CV and interview!

The Brotherhood Beyond Service

Just because you took off the uniform, doesn’t mean you are a lone boat in the ocean. What holds veterans together is the strength of not only comradery but a strong sense of brotherhood that goes beyond the service. There are Google pages of sites dedicated to veteran communities and organisations that not only give support but provide the brotherhood link. Get connected with these communities and they will make sure that the transitioning into civilian life doesn’t hit as hard by providing not just personal but also professional development. 

Finding Your New Mission

Laser focus is a must have skill all military personnel must have, now use this focus in the civilian world. Create a new mission for yourself! This can be anything from becoming an entrepreneur, upskilling, getting involved in a cause or even starting your own foundation. Just look at this veteran owned coffee company. They are proof that with laser focus you can not only build a business, but leave behind a legacy. Make use of all available resources to realise your mission. From the Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme to upskill yourself to the Royal British Legion if you want to get involved in a charity. 


Becoming a veteran is letting go (but not completely!) of past achievements while planning and figuring out what your future opportunities are. But being a veteran is also a title that should be worn with pride, you have served bravely and you have a currouge to start a new mission which is completely outside your comfort zone. You are the embodiment of resilience and adaptability, stand tall as your next adventure begins.