7 Practical, Hands-On Ways To Improve Your SEO Skills

Image Credit: Stephen Dawson from Unsplash.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an invaluable tool for countless companies. It’s how they help to increase their brand awareness, generate new leads, and more. To say it’s become an industry in itself would be an understatement.

As someone interested in SEO, you’ll already know that. You could even want to start a career in it, or could already be an SEO professional already.

Either way, you could still want to improve your SEO skills. It’ll help you deliver better results for your clients, as well as to get more clients on top of that. It could be more beneficial than you’d expect.

You don’t exactly have to go back to college to do this, though. Instead, you’ll be better off being practical and using a few strategies.

SEO Skill Examples: Top Picks

Before diving into how you can improve your SEO skills, it’s worth clarifying exactly what you should be working on. There are more than a few SEO skills you could need to master.

While all of these are important, some could matter more than others. These can often be the first ones you focus on. Don’t neglect the others, but make sure you master:

  • Keyword Research – Before you can craft an SEO strategy, you’ll have to know which keywords you should target. With comprehensive research, you can figure out exactly that. By mastering this, you’ll know exactly which keywords to target for clients, and how.
  • Outreach – If you’re a freelance SEO professional, you’ll need to do outreach to get clients. Even after that, you’ll have to do link-building outreach on behalf of your clients. This helps generate high-quality links back to a website, helping to increase rankings. Put time into mastering this.
  • Copywriting – While not directly SEO-related, copywriting is a vital part of on-page SEO. You’ll need to at least be familiar with the basics so you can create copy that ranks well for your clients. While this takes a bit of time to perfect, it’s well worth putting the effort into.

You could need to master more than a few SEO skills if you want to make a career out of it. These can span multiple areas, and that’s before mentioning the likes of customer service and sales.

It’s enough for many newcomers to feel a little overwhelmed by the process. Thankfully, it shouldn’t have to be a difficult process.

Instead, it’s a matter of using some practical strategies.

Improve Your SEO Skills: 7 Practical Strategies To Use

1. Investigate Your Tools

Every SEO professional needs to invest in a few tools if they want to succeed. You already know that, and you would’ve gotten some of the more obvious of these. That doesn’t mean you’ll always know how to use them as effectively as possible.

It’s worth digging a little deeper into the SEO tools you’re using. Some of them could do a lot more than you would’ve thought.

While this wouldn’t exactly let you improve your SEO skills, it does help you get better at offering SEO services. Take a little time to go beyond the basics, and you could end up streamlining your workflow and improving your services.

2. Attend SEO Conferences

SEO conferences feature quite a few speeches and discussions about everything related to the industry. They’re great places to learn about new trends and changes, as well as to improve your skills.

Attending these can be a great way to improve your skills while also engaging with other professionals. Going to SEO conferences is a sure-fire way to get better with SEO while improving your overall career.

While these can take a bit of effort, they’ll be more than worth the time you put into them. They’ll help your career more than you’d think.

3. Try Reddit

Reddit mightn’t be the first thing to come to mind when you want to improve your SEO skills. It could be an untapped resource, though. There are countless subreddits dedicated to specific topics, like SEO. You can use these to your advantage.

There’ll be discussions around specific questions and areas you could be worried about. You can use this to find out more relatively easily. You can even engage with these discussions to find out more about what you’re learning about.

While this shouldn’t be your primary tool to getting better with SEO, it can be a great addition to everything else you’re using.

4. Ask Colleagues

If you work in an agency or marketing company, there could be a few colleagues that know more about SEO than you do. That’s especially true when you’re relatively new to your career. These colleagues can be a great resource to tap into.

See them as mentors and feel free to ask them questions. They should be more than happy to address these questions. While this approach could take a while, it lets you find out anything SEO-related you’ve been struggling with.

5. Write Your Own Guide

SEO guides are always a great resource when you’re trying to improve your SEO skills. Sometimes, it’s worth trying to write your own, however. It puts your knowledge to the test and gives you an accurate idea of how up-to-date this is.

You don’t need to worry about whether or not this is perfect. Instead, use it as a way to figure out where you need to get better.

After that, you’ll know exactly which areas you need to focus on. You could then come back to your SEO guide in the future to finish it off and offer it as a resource for potential clients.

6. Do Audits To Improve Yourself

You’ll already know that SEO audits are a vital part of an SEO marketing strategy. That doesn’t always mean you’re confident in your ability to do them for clients. If you’re in that position, then get a little practice with them.

Audit websites you like, and use this as a way to get better and better at it. You don’t even need to try pitching your services when you’re doing it.

See it as a technique to practise and improve your SEO skills. You’ll end up getting better than you’d think relatively quickly, and you’ll end up feeling confident enough to offer SEO audits to potential clients.

7. Take Courses

There are plenty of SEO courses online, many of which don’t take too much time to get through. These can be fit into your schedule relatively easily, so you can still work with clients while improving your SEO skills.

Some of them can even focus on specific parts of SEO, like local SEO and technical SEO. If there’s a specific area you want to improve, you can find a course for it.

Spend a little bit of time looking them up and seeing what you can find. There’ll be quite a few to choose from, some of which could be better recommended than others.

Improve Your SEO Skills: Wrapping Up

You’ll need to improve your SEO skills constantly if you want to succeed as an SEO professional. It’ll help you exceed your client’s expectations while continuing to deliver amazing results.

With how much SEO can change from year-to-year, this is always worth focusing on. That doesn’t mean going back to college.

Instead, it’s better off being practical with everything. Taking the right approach means you’ll stay up-to-date with SEO best practices and keep getting better. You’ll deliver a better service to your clients because of that.

There’s no reason not to improve your SEO skills more and more.