7 Good Reasons to Enter Online Competitions

Entering competitions offers many advantages. Businesses give away products to promote their brand, and there’s always one or more winners who take home goods worth thousands of dollars – even if you can only enter one or two competitions at once, your odds still increase of victory! Below, we explore some key reasons to enter competitions and tips that could improve your odds.

Why You Should Enter Online Competitions

  1. Take Home Amazing Prizes
    A significant incentive for entering online competitions is the promise of prizes ranging from small items like books or coupons to bigger rewards such as electronics, vacation packages, or cash. Just participating can bring excitement – imagine winning something so easily from home!
    Many people refrain from entering competitions, even free ones, because they have an incorrect mindset that says they won’t win! To achieve success at winning competitions, you need to change this mentality. Just look at the lottery as an example. Many people participate despite very low chances of winning the lottery because their positive mindset allows them to believe someone will take home the prize—maybe that someone could be them!
  2. Acquire New Skills and Knowledge
    Competitions are ideal for learning something new or developing specific abilities. From photography contests that force participants to improve their shots to programming competitions that test programming proficiency, competitors learn something valuable while having fun! Competitions are a wonderful way to continue expanding your horizons while enjoying yourself!
  3. Increase Your Confidence
    Stepping outside your comfort zone and sharing your work can be an immense confidence booster, even if it means not winning; participating will give you a sense of achievement and courage for future endeavours.
  4. Broaden Your Network
    Online competitions present ample opportunities to network with other participants, judges, or professionals within your field, which could prove extremely useful for personal development and career advancement. You never know who might come along or what new connections could form from these competitions!
  5. It’s Fun and Exciting
    Finally, entering online competitions can be both exciting and enjoyable! From waiting anxiously for results to the thrill of competing, they provide a welcome break in routine that adds some enjoyment to each day. They’re an effective way to inject fun and variety into life!
  6. Enhance Your Resume
    Participating in online competitions can be an excellent way to add depth and variety to your resume. By entering and winning contests, participating can demonstrate to potential employers that you are proactive, enjoy challenges, and are committed to self-improvement. Participation or just participation alone will distinguish you from other candidates by emphasizing your diverse skills and achievements.
  7. Affordable or Free Entertainment Options
    Numerous online competitions are free or require only minimal entry fees, making them a cost-effective form of entertainment. They provide an exciting challenge without breaking the bank – providing fun for everyone regardless of budget!

How to Start Winning

Last week, I shared 15 strategies to win competitions. Today, I want to reveal some additional tricks to enhance your odds of success and maximize winning competitions.

Make Sure You Enter Daily

Often, text and instant win competitions allow participants to enter once daily; this significantly increases their odds of success! Make sure you enter every time an is running to improve them significantly.

Establish Reminders

Routine is key, so set reminders on Google Calendar, phone alarms, or even Post-it notes to stay on top of radio competitions, daily instant wins, weekly searches, or monthly website check-ins. I prefer the free Asana app for repeated tasks.

Look for Local Competitions With Fewer Entries

Search the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages of local businesses such as restaurants, shops, and salons to locate competitions with limited entries. The fewer the number of entries, the better you chances of winning.

Connect With Comping Friends

Keep an eye on your social feeds. Friends who tag you in competitions can be invaluable, particularly those in local Facebook comping groups or joining competition clubs in your area.

Don’t Share Much

Many new competitors have Facebook and Twitter pages full of competitions such as “Like & Share” or “Retweet,” which can be difficult to win due to their viral nature and thousands of entries. To increase your chances, focus on contests that require likes or comments instead, like Facebook or Twitter competitions that ask for replies without sharing requirements (i.e., requiring replies without needing to share).

Join Online Comping Communities

Participate in forums or Facebook groups dedicated to comping, and take a look at posts by winners for inspiration on where and how to win competitions. Lucky Learners group offers competitions with low entry costs or multiple prizes available daily – plus, don’t forget the Recommended Comps posts every week as well!

Start Monitoring Regularly

Newcomers often miss winning notifications because they don’t know where to look for them. Search your emails regularly – including junk folders – for terms like ‘congratulations’ or ‘winner.’ On Facebook contests, look in the Competition Winners group, while on Twitter and Instagram, keep an eye out for notifications or hidden message requests that might arise daily.

Participating in free online competitions offers many advantages, from winning prizes to personal development. So why not give it a try? There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!