5 Things Every Homeowner Should Have on Hand

When it comes to home maintenance, all homeowners will agree that it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right tools to hand. While it absolutely takes more than tools to make your home a safe haven for you and your family, they’re definitely an essential part of the process. Are you planning some home improvements this year? Or perhaps you’re looking to bolster your collection so that if you need to make an emergency repair, you’re already prepared. Whatever your reason is, let’s take a look at this list of handy items to have around your home and garden so that you can keep your home in tip top condition.


While hammers are limited to very few uses, they are actually really handy to have around the home. Even if it’s for smaller jobs like hanging a new picture or gently knocking a slat of wood back into place, it’s a must for any homeowner. The great thing is that they’re really inexpensive to buy, and once you’ve got one, you probably won’t have to replace it for a really long time – if ever.

Spare parts

If you have lots of appliances and pieces of machinery that help you keep your home spick and span, then it might be a good idea to keep some spare parts to those items in your shed. Consider stocking up on washing machine, refrigerator, chainsaw and even lawnmower spare parts so that if you need it, you can quickly repair them without having to replace the item or call out a repair service. Most appliances and pieces of machinery will have DIY YouTube videos if you’re not sure on how to fix them!


Even if your home is primarily wallpapered, there will be areas of your home that have paint. And, over time and wear and tear, paint can become chipped, grubby, or even fade away if there’s a lot of contact. Keeping the tins of paint that you’ve used around your home in your garden shed will allow you to touch up any areas that have seen better days. It might even be worth getting some wall or wood filler so you can fix any holes or dents along the way for an even better finish.

Socket set

You might not be the type to go around fixing things in your home, but there is always a need for a screwdriver every now and then. And, a socket set is a great way of making sure you’ve always got the right sized head you need for the job too. So even if that means you only use it to put together flatpack furniture from Ikea, it’ll still come in handy. Again, they’re really inexpensive to buy!

Industrial cleaning products

Finally, even if you’d prefer to use organic cleaning products, there are some instances where you might need something a little stronger. For example, if you’re responsible for the sewage pipe on your property and it becomes backed up, you might need something that’s going to quickly and effectively break down the blockage and get things moving how they should be again. Just remember to always wear gloves and follow the instructions to avoid any harm to yourself or any damage around your home.